The City of Wyoming’s "Sidewalk Program"

Over the years and increasing number of sidewalks have become defective. To encourage property owners to make necessary repairs the City will provide 100% of the cost of the concrete for existing public sidewalks only. Property owners are responsible for labor, including forms. This program will be applicable to residential property owners only. A certain amount will be budgeted each fiscal year for the program.

The program will apply to sidewalks that are already existing and will not apply to new construction or damages due to construction. All sidewalks must comply with sidewalk specifications set in the Wyoming City Code of Ordinances 2002, Chapter 136.

The City reserves the right to limit its participation in projects due to factors such as budgetary constrains or other factors.

Property owners wanting to participate should fill out an application with the City. Applications will be due May 1st and projects must be done by Sept. 1st. All applications must be approved before any work can begin. A drawing will be held from applications timely filed, if need be. A limit of one application per year has been set. A cap of $750 per applicant applies.

The completed sidewalk must be approved by the Public Works. Upon approval, the property owner may submit his/her itemized bill for the cost of the concrete needed for the project. The City will reimburse the property owner’s cost of concrete following the next City Council meeting. Funds for projects will not be disbursed before July 1st. The City will reimburse the property owner. The City will not pay the contractor.


The City reserves the right to change the rules of this program at any time.

Sidewalk Application

Property Owner ___________________________________ Phone ________________

Address of property applying for: __________________________________________

Length of sidewalk applying for: ___________________________________________

Contractor: ________________________________ Phone ____________________

Address ______________________________________________________________

Property Owner’s Agreement

I hereby make application for a sidewalk construction permit and the City of Wyoming’s Sidewalk Program at the above property. I hereby acknowledge receipt of a copy of the City’s Code regarding sidewalk specifications and I accept responsibility for the installation of the above mentioned sidewalk according to the City’s specifications and ordinances.

I also agree to hold the City free from all liability for damages on account of injuries received by anyone through the negligence of myself or persons employed or directed by me in making the sidewalk improvements or be reason of failure to properly guard the premises.

Public Works must be notified when forms are in place, and before cement is poured.


__________________________________ ________

Signature                                                 Date


Permit Granted

The City of Wyoming, Iowa does hereby grant the above permit for sidewalk improvements for the property at ________________________. Construction work may commence after _________________. Construction work shall be completed no later than _____________________.

City of Wyoming, IA

By: _________________________

Date: _________________