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Welcome to the City of Wyoming Information 


Dog Ordinance

The City Code states it is unlawful for the owner of a dog to disturb anyone by frequent and habitual barking and unlawful to allow an animal to run at large within the city limits.  A copy of the ordinance is available at City Hall.  To report dogs barking or loose call the City Hall.  There is a form to fill out and file.


Snow and ice must be cleared within 24 hours of snow fall  or the City will clear the snow, without notice to you, and bill you accordingly.

No parking on streets during snow removal.

Building permits are required for all buildings, additions or construction that changes the dimension of the building, decks, fences and patios. Forms are available at the city clerk's office. The project must be approved by the city zoning administrator before work can begin.


Water Service:  City Hall   141 W. Main St.  563-488-3970
$100 deposit & application for service form required

Garbage and Recycling - Wednesday morning curb side pick up for residential.  Businesses must contract on their own.  Items recyclable for pick up include: clean plastic containers, tin cans, newspapers and flattened corrugated cardboard.  Recycling is mandatory in Wyoming.  Call City Hall with questions about garbage or recycling.

The Jones County Landfill has a permanent Regional Collection Center (RCC) for household hazardous materials. The RCC accepts hazardous materials free of charge from Jones County residents throughout the year. Call the Regional Collection Center Answer Line, 1-800-644-0702 for more information. Tires are accepted a the landfill, call for pricing.  Automotive batteries are accepted free of charge.  Call retail outlets or automotive repair shops for used motor oil disposal options.  Oil-based and latex paint is accepted at the RCC from  Jones County residents only Questions? Call 319-462-3898 The Jones County Landfill, 13859 Edinburg Road, Scotch Grove

Landfill Hours:  Mon. - Fri. 9 AM - 3 PM

Saturday 9 AM - 4 PM




Many items are accepted at the RCC. A partial list follows.


Oven cleaner                 Varnishes   Art supply chemicals

Drain cleaner                  Weed killer      Stains

Abrasive cleaner           Pesticides     Photo developers

Disinfectant                    Bug spray     Pool chemicals

Lighter fluid                    Fertilizer       

Solvents                         Moth balls





Grass and weeds are to be maintained so as not to exceed the following height specifications:

Developed Residential - not to exceed six inches
Undeveloped Residential - not to exceed eight inches
Business and Industrial - not to exceed six inches
Agricultural - not to exceed twelve inches

City will mow and bill at the following rates

Minimum Fee:   $75.00 for the 1st hour or portion of an hour person

Fee for all time over one hour:      $75.00 per hour per person  (billable in quarter of hour segments)

Administrative fee                            $100.00

Equipment rental fee                      Cost

Do not put yard waste in the garbage.

Open Burning of yard waste only        Fires must be out by dark

                    March 15- June 1                     Sept. 15- Dec. 1


Burning of any trash, leaves, rubbish or other
combustible material in any curb and gutter
(culverts included) or on any paved or surfaced
street or alley is prohibited.  Report illegal fires
to the Jones County Sheriff's office. 

Recreational fires are allowed.

Please help to prevent plugging up storm culverts
by not putting yard waste into storm or street ditches.
There is no dumping allowed in Little Bear Creek.

Non-Operable (Junk) Vehicles. Non-operable vehicles are not allowed to be stored on your property.  

Telephone/internet  Wyoming Mutual Telephone Co.
Electricity Alliant Energy
Cable Mediacom
Dr. Office Medical Associates of Maquoketa
 307 E. Webster St.
Police Jones County Sheriff's Dept.
Anamosa, IA
Library Wyoming Public Library
109 W Main St.
Post Office 101 E Main St.
Midland School 563-488-2292
Licensed Childcare Little Eagles Nest Learning Center
Iowa One Call 1-800-292-8989
Memorial Hall  call Holly's Town Super Market at 563-488-2220 to rent
Calkins Barn rental  Call  319-480-0132