REGULAR MEETING, September 9, 2013

The regular meeting of the Wyoming City Council was held September 9, 2013 at the City Hall. Council members present were Taylor, Agnitsch, Gravel and Watters. Absent:  Dodge.  Visitors: Shirley Jones-Midland Times, Allen Willman and Kyle McKray-Anamosa Journal/Eureka.   Staff:  Tjaden.  Mayor Somerville called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.

Moved by Agnitsch seconded by Taylor to approve the consent agenda.  Roll call vote. All aye. Motion carried.

AFLAC                                                           EMPLOYEE INS                         $202.80

AGVANTAGE FS, INC                                CITY LP CONTRACT            $10,392.00

AGVANTAGE FS, INC                                CALKINS LP CONTRACT     $7,794.00

AGVANTAGE FS, INC                                CITY /MUSEUM SUP                      55.44

BARCO PRODUCTS CO                           STREET SUP                               $270.21

BIG RIVER SIGN CO                                  WHMC SUP                                  $301.26

BLADE PEST CONTROL, INC.                 CALKINS SERV                            $57.00

BROWN SUPPLY CO., INC.                    WA SUP                           $772.00

CASEY'S GENERAL STORES, INC.       STREET SUP                              $253.99

CHEM RIGHT LABORATORIES               WA LABS                                        $15.00

CITY OF WYOMING                                    POSTAGE                                         $3.76

CITY OF WYOMING                                    SW TRANSFER                        $6,333.75

CITY OF WYOMING                                    CITY SERV                                   $471.10

COLE LINEBURG                                       CALKINS SERV                         $237.00

CROP PRODUCTION SERVICES           STREET SUP                                $76.43

DAKOTA SUPPLY GROUP                       METERS                                  $26,933.66

DAKOTA SUPPLY GROUP                       METERS                       $1,200.88

DES MOINES STAMP MANUF                 CITY SUP                                        $26.70

EASTERN IOWA DOZING & EXC            STREET SERV                            $350.00

FRANZEN FAMILY USED TRACTORS WA POSTAGE                               $17.00

GASSER TRUE VALUE                             STORM SEWER SUP               $146.90

HARRY'S FARM TIRE                                TIRE REPAIR                               $228.40

HAWKINS, INC.                                           WATER SUP                                           $116.34

HOLLY'S TOWN SUPER MARKET         LIBRARY SUP                               $26.22

HOLLY'S TOWN SUPER MARKET         WATER SUP                                                $5.39

INGRAM BOOK COMPANY                      LIBRARY SUP                               $60.70

IOWA CODIFICATION INC                        CITY SERV                                   $652.50

IPERS                                                            RETIREMENT                           $2,138.24

IRS                                                     WITHHOLDING                         $2,828.96

INFASTRUCTURE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONSLAPTOP                                        $1,164.00

J & R SUPPLY                                             WA/SW SUP                                 $669.05

JONES CO EMA                                          FY 2014 DUES                        $1,318.40

JONES CO ENGINEER                             STREETS SUP                            $264.00

KROMMINGA MOTORS INC                     TRACTOR SERV                         $461.71

L J ROTH RECONSTRUCTION                WHMC INSURANCE            $50,000.00

L W ALLEN INC                                           SEWER SUP                            $4,350.00

L.L.PELLING CO.                             STREET SERV                         $9,830.00

LENLC-CHILDCARE                                  LENLC SUP                      $15.00

LENCL-CHILDCARE                                  LENLC TRANSFERS             $1,267.42

MAC WIRELESS                                         CITY SERV                                     $67.37

MIDLAND COMMUNITY SCHOOL          LIBRARY SUP                               $45.00

MIDLAND TIMES                                         PUBLICATIONS                           $233.31

MIDLAND TIMES                                         PUBLICATION                             $26.73

MIDWEST TESTING LLC                           WA/SERV                                       $83.29

NICOLE RUSHFORD                                 NOTARY FEE                                $30.00

PIONEER TELEPHONE                            CITY                                                 $15.38

ROHWEDDER TRUST                               CITY PHONE                                  $25.00

ROGERS CONCRETE CONST                CALKINS SERV                     $16,041.00

SECURITY PRODUCTS OF DUBUQUE  CITY SERV                                     $79.00

SOPER ELECTRIC                                     CALKINS SERV                     $1,283.65

SOPER ELECTRIC                                     CITY SERV                                     $52.50

UPHAM MEMORIAL LIBRARY                 LIBRARY SUP                               $75.00

VISA                                                              CITY/LENLC/LIBRARY              $329.03

WAL MART COMMUNITY BRC                LENLC FOOD                              $816.75

WAYNE POTTER                                        SIDEWALK GRANT                               $304.86

WENDLING QUARRIES                           CITY/STREET SUP                       $59.84

WYLIE TREDWAY ESTATE                      DEPOSIT REFUND                        $5.70

WYOMING AUTO PARTS              ST SUP                                $18.97

WYOMING DRUG                                       LIBRARY SUP                                 $6.44

WYOMING MUTUAL TELEPHONE         CALKINS                                       $221.40

WYOMING PUBLIC LIBRARY                  POSTAGE                                       $25.65

TOTAL                                                                                                           $151,153.08




COMMUNITY PLAYTHINGS                     NOT VISA-GATES                      $834.00

VISA                                                               DISCOUNT SCHOOL SUP        $856.58

COMMUNITY PLAYTHINGS                     BLOCKS                                        $970.00

SUPERIOR APPLICANCE                                    CARPET CLEANER                  $429.00

CHILDCARE GRANT TOTAL                                                                        $3,089.58


ECICOG                                                        SEWER GRANT ADMIN        $2,738.00

SEWER GRANT TOTAL                                                                                 $2,738.00


Revenue and Expenses for August 2013











Library Regular





Library Special





Wyoming Hist. Museum










Calkins Barn





Road Use Tax





Trust & Agency





Local Option Sales Tax





Rohwedder Trust





Childcare Grant





Debt Service










Customer Deposits





Water Sinking Fund





Water Reserve










Sewer Sinking





Sewer Reserve





Storm Sewer





Childcare Enterprise





Childcare Sinking





Childcare Reserve










Moved by Gravel seconded by Taylor Section 135.10 of the City Code addresses driveway right of way is property owner’s responsibility.  The City will not pay to have it seal coated.  Roll call vote.  All aye.  Motion carried.

Council reviewed letter drawn up by City attorney to Iowa DNR requesting penalties be dropped due to the City project being hampered by issues of funding and administrative delays.  Also that the deadlines be triggered based upon DNR approval so that the City is not penalized.

Moved by Agnitsch seconded by Gravel to approve Mayor signing Iowa Economic Development Authority contract for CDBG funding for the waste water project.  Roll call vote.  All aye.  Motion carried.  Clerk assigned Resolution #1475.

Moved by Watters seconded by Gravel to approve Mayor executing documentation required for approval and submission of the environments review for Wastewater project and publish notice for finding of no significant impact.  Roll call vote.  All aye.  Motion carried.

Moved by Watters seconded by Gravel to send property owner letter regarding trimming of shrubs at 502 E. Green Street.  Letter to be signed by both Mayor and Zoning Officer. All aye.  Motion carried.

Moved by Gravel seconded by Agnitsch to approve FIRST READING OF AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND WYOMING CHILDCARE BOARD to amend section regarding school appointed may include an employee of the school district.  All aye.  Motion carried.

Moved by Watters seconded by Taylor to approve additional equipment on list and release $162 of USDA funds as not needed.  All aye.  Motion carried.

Moved by Agnitsch seconded by Taylor to approve Homecoming parade for Wednesday, October 2, 2013 at 6 p.m..  All aye.  Motion carried.

Moved by Taylor seconded by Watters to set trick or treat hours for Thursday, October 31, 2013 from 5:30-7:30 p.m..  All aye.  Motion carried.

Moved by Taylor seconded by Agnitsch to approve Resolution approving target area for housing grant-Option #2 (West side of the City)  CORRECTION EAST SIDE.  All aye.  Motion carried.  Clerk assigned Resolution #1476.

Moved by Watters seconded by Agnitsch to approve set public hearing for FY 2014 budget amendment due to fire damages at museum.  All aye. Motion carried.  Clerk assigned Resolution #1477.

Moved by Agnitsch seconded by Gravel to approve FIRST READING OF AN ORDINANCE AMENDING PROVISIONS PERTAINING TO LIEN EXEMPTION.   All aye.  Motion carried. 

Moved by Taylor seconded by Watters to approve Clerk attending required training for FEMA funds.  All aye.  Motion carried. 

Moved by Agnitsch seconded by Watters to check into the cost of printing magnets for garbage calendar.  All aye.  Motion carried.

Open burning begins Sept. 15th

Moved by Agnitsch seconded by Taylor to adjourn at 7:34 p.m.    All aye. Motion carried.


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