A Test of Courage


    Sent to Texas to write a magazine article about a dude ranch, twenty-one-year-old Jody Myers lands in the middle of an adventure she hadn't planned on. Coming from Virginia, and from a home of over-protective parents, Jody has many fears to overcome as she faces new experiences. Stranded on a desert road, Jody soon meets Eric Chambers, a rough young ranch hand, who seems bent on becoming enemies. 
    Trying to ignore the feeling that she's unwanted at the ranch by Eric, Jody begins work on her story, but becomes more homesick every day. Wanting to prove to her friends and family back home that she isn't afraid of the unknown, she finally decides to stay as long as planned, and defeats her fears through prayer and encouragement from the Christian family at the ranch. Now that she's settled, only one problem remains: Eric. 
    Torn between his feelings of bitterness about the past, and his love for a hurting sister, Eric struggles to maintain balance in his life. Peace seems impossible to attain, and he's soon driven to try and relieve his pain, heading even farther down the wrong path. Almost losing his life due to his own irresponsible behavior, Eric soon begins to realize that something needs to change. But what?
    As the story unfolds, Jody discovers the key to Eric's past, and his bitterness towards other people. Meeting Eric's family by chance, Jody finds herself in the midst of broken relationships, and longs to help soften hardened hearts. Having been asked by Eric's crippled sister, Sam, to help ease the situation, Jody steps forward in an effort to show Eric what it means to become a Christian. 
    Through the course of Jody's stay at the ranch, Eric begins searching for answers to his questions about God. Still unsure of trusting God and realizing his own longing for forgiveness, he keeps his emotions locked tightly away. What he hadn't planned on however, were his growing feelings for Jody.
    As the day of Jody's departure nears, Eric stumbles onto a conversation not meant for him to hear. Harboring the anger and hurt of betrayal, he intentionally severs his relationship with Jody and leaves on a trail ride, without saying goodbye to someone he may never see again. Jody has been successful at writing her story, but has she been a failure at becoming a friend? Questioning her own decisions, Jody heads back to Virginia where she soon realizes where the Lord really wants her to be.  
    Has Eric turned his back on his family and friends for good? Will Jody have the courage to do what she feels is right?

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