Our volunteers are very important to us at Wregie Memorial Library. Currently we have volunteers who have just finished indexing the microfilm "OJ MIRROR". It is our local newspaper from 1879-1952. People who worked on this microfilm are:
Dwaine and Mary Ann
Mary Ann Wherry, 432 visits for 1081.16 total hours, Dwaine Persels, 531 visits for 1457 total hours.
Becky Duncan and Vernice Law helped out, and Delbert Hodgden printed all the pages of the 12 volumes of index.
Volunteers have also helped with storytime, computer repair, library day at the school and many other library needs. Some of them are:
Judith Beranek, Gary Block, Deb Holdeman, Helen Muhl, Julie Tubbs, Deb Gerdes, Anita Lasack, Sherry Rath. Michael Kurth, Vernice Law, Hazel Persels, Delbert Hodgden, and many more.
Thank you
If you see these people on the street please take a minute to thank them. WE DO!

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