Reference Links

State Library of Iowa

Access to State of Iowa Library holdings

Des Moines Public Library

12 year index of Des Moines Register

National Czech & Slovak Museum and Library

Access to Czech Heritage Holdings at Cedar Rapids Czech & Slovak Museum and Library


Internet resource designed specifically for libraries

Encyclopedia of the Orient

Encyclopedia for North Africa and the Middle East. Background information about people, countries, and political or religious issues on this region of the world.

Meta-Search Engine

Over 30 reference books from Bloomsbury, Macmillan, Oxford University Press and Penguin. Dictionaries on Art, Business, Economics, Medicine, Music, Psychology and Sociology, plus much more.

Search Engines

Type in keyword(s) to find Internet sites on topics of interest. If the first search fails (no matches), think of all the possible words that might describe what you are looking for and try, try again!

Family Reading
Savvy Search

Iowa Public Libraries

Ames Public Library Ames, Iowa
Kirkendall Public Library Ankeny, Iowa
Bettendorf Public LibraryInformation Center Bettendorf, Iowa
Burlington Public Library Burlington, Iowa
Cedar Falls Public Library Cedar Falls, Iowa
Cedar Rapids Public Library Cedar Rapids, Iowa
M-C Community Library Cleghorn, Iowa
Coralville Public Library Coralville, Iowa
Davenport Public Library Davenport, Iowa
East Side Library, Public Library of Des Moines Des Moines, Iowa
Forest Avenue Library, Pub. Lib. of Des Moines Des Moines, Iowa
North Side Library, Pub. Lib. of Des Moines Des Moines, Iowa
Public Library of Des Moines Des Moines, Iowa
South Side Library, Pub Lib of Des Moines Des Moines, Iowa
Franklin Avenue Library, Pub Lib of Des Moines Des Moines, Iowa
Carnegie-Stout Public Library Dubuque, Iowa
Dunkerton Public Library Dunkerton, Iowa
Matthias M. Hoffman Public Library Dyersville, Iowa
Evansdale Public Library Evansdale, Iowa
Idol Rashid Mem. Branch, Fort Madison Pub.Lib. Fort Madison, Iowa
Cattermole Memorial Library Fort Madison, Iowa
Grimes Public Library Grimes, Iowa
Stewart Public Library Grinnell, Iowa
Hudson Public Library Hudson, Iowa
Humboldt Public Library Humboldt, Iowa
Iowa City Public Library Iowa City, Iowa
Janesville Public Library Janesville, Iowa
Wilson Memorial Library Keota, Iowa
Hawkins Memorial Library La Porte City, Iowa
Livermore Public Library Livermore, Iowa
Marion Public Library Marion, Iowa
Marshalltown Public Library Marshalltown, Iowa
Musser Public Library Muscatine, Iowa
Newton Public Library Newton, Iowa
North Liberty Community Library North Liberty, Iowa
Pocahontas Public Library Pocahontas, Iowa
Rockwell City Public Library Rockwell City, Iowa
Sioux City Public Library Sioux City, Iowa
Spencer Public Library Spencer, Iowa
Union Public Library Union, Iowa
Urbandale Public Library Urbandale, Iowa
Washington Public Library Washington, Iowa
Waterloo Public Library Waterloo, Iowa
Wellman-Scofield Library Wellman, Iowa

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