Oxford Junction Genealogy

The Oxford Mirror was established in 1879 and was published thru 1952. Within this locale newspaper were the events of all Oxford Township as well as articles from Lost Nation, Massillon, Wyoming, Olin, and Toronto areas.

Through dedication of local volunteers and many, many hours all of the Oxford Mirror newspapers were indexed on microfilm. Mary Ann Wherry and Dwaine Persels spent a combined total of 2538.16 volunteer hours. Also helping were Delbert Hodgden, Vernice Law, and Becky Duncan.

Entire index on CD available for purchase includes: names, paper date, page and column #. The cost is $20 + $2 shipping and handling.

In September of 2006, almost all of our microfilm has been switched over to CD and a new computer purchased exclusively for viewing The Oxford Mirror. We need to thank Delbert Hodgden for guiding us through this project and downloading everything on hard drive. We still need to switch over 15 census films for this project to be complete. We are sending out grants and accepting donations.

The Oxford Junction Genealogy Club has compiled 2 different publication:
"A New Land, A New Life" ($25.00) and "Country Schools of Oxford Township" ($15.00)
Our Genealogy Club Members are: Rita Balichek, Marlene Flory, Pat Burda, Nadine Ruley , and Judy Nelson. If you need assistance with genealogy research please contact Rita Balichek at balichek@netins.net

Picture of Dwayne Persel and Mary Ann Wherry