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Density Altitude Calculator

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Density Altitude Calculator
Brian Notch

 Air Temperature degrees F
 Relative Humidity %
 Corrected Barometric Press inches Hg
 Location Altitude feet


 Uncorrected Barometric Press inches Hg
 Density Altitude feet


To use this calculator, enter the following:
1. Temperature in degrees F.

2. Relative humidity in percent.

3. Corrected barometric pressure in inches of Mercury. This is the barometric pressure as reported by most local radio and TV stations. It is corrected to sea level.

4. Your location altitude in feet.

 Then click the calculate button.  

1. The uncorrected Barometric Pressure in inches of Mercury: This is the pressure prior to the 'reporting station' adding to correct to the sea level reference.

2. Density Altitude in feet: The density altitude is the altitude at which the density of the International Standard Atmosphere (ISA) is the same as the density of the air being evaluated.


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