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to the newly designed 'Wild Luv Racing' website. You will notice the web site is arranged in two windows; the left (blue) window which displays the link options and the right window which displays the 'clicked-on' web page. Click on the links in the left window and the desired web page will be displayed in the right window. Or, as you will discover, many links have drop-down menus which will appear in the left window, thereby displaying many more options.


We appreciate you stopping by. Welcome aboard!

How to Make Adjustments for Better Viewing

Caution: DO NOT make the following 'Display Properties' adjustments unless both your Monitor and your Video Card will support '1024x768' resolution.

>>These are general procedures for version 5.5 of Internet Explorer. These procedures may vary, depending on your operating system and Browser version.<<

How do I set the Display Settings for better viewing?
How do I turn on the 'Text Under Graphics' option?
How do I set the 'Internet Explorer Refresh' option for better performance?


How to Adjust Display Setting:   
   1. Close all windows until you can view the desktop.
   2. Right-click on the desktop where there are no icons or open windows.
   3. Left-click on Properties.
   4. Left-click on the Settings tab at the top of the window.
   5. Locate the slider which is located near the lower right hand corner of the 'Display Properties' window.
   6. If the 'Screen Area' is not '1024 by 768', drag this slider until 1024 by 768 is displayed.
   7. Click OK.
   8. If necessary, click OK and click Yes.
   9. You may have to readjust the monitor setting to fill the screen to your liking.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of '1024 by 768'?
      1. Many of the new computers already come preset at '1024 by 768', or higher.
      2. More of the web page can be displayed without scrolling. In fact, most or all of the horizontal scrolling will be eliminated.
      1. The icons and text will be smaller
      2. It will take 'getting used to'; but we believe you'll be glad you switched after you become accustomed to this setting.

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How to Turn On the 'Text Under Graphics' Option:
   1. Start Internet Explorer
   2. Click on Tools in the menu bar at the top.
   3. Click on Options.
   4. Click on the Advanced tab.
   5. Scroll down until you see Multimedia.
   6. Under this is an option called Show image download placeholders. Put a check mark in the box to the left and click OK.

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How do I set the 'Internet Explorer Refresh' option:
   1. Start Internet Explorer.
   2. Click on the General tab.
   3. Click on the Settings button under 'Temporary Internet Files'.
   4. Under 'Check for newer versions of stored pages' select Every time you start Internet Explorer.
   5. Click OK and OK.

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