Carlisle district taxes will increase if West Carlisle fails

If you live in the Carlisle school district, the actions of Des Moines will raise your taxes if West Carlisle is annexed by Des Moines. The high quality of our schools will be impacted by large increases of students but no money to help with the increased student body. There will be nothing the School Board or Carlisle Council can do to stop it once it starts. Your property tax, the school tax portion, will have to go up to compensate for the damage Des Moines will inflict with that cities abatement policies.

Over the next two decades, as West Carlisle is developed by Des Moines, there will be an influx of hundred if not thousands of children to our schools that will not be supported by property tax because they won't be paying any. The number of unsupported students will increase dramatically as development expands, like a bell curve with the school tax revenue curve shadowing it by overlapping 5 year abatement periods. All of us will be forced to literally give Des Moines millions and then tens of millions of dollars per year to educate the children of Des Moines with absolutely no recourse to recover any funds. We can expect large spikes if the city allows large apartment complexes that will deprive all of the children in the district of education with adequate resources and funding. Nobody except the city of Des Moines and its developers would benefit and their profit would be at the expense of our school district and our children.

To allow the schools to decline until the Des Moines abatements expire over the next couple of decades would be intolerable. The single solution that coud be applied to save our schools would be drastic tax increases to compensate and those increases would hit all of us living here now, equally hard. Not one property or home would escape the increase whether you live in Carlisle, Hartford, Des Moines or way out in the county. The tax increases would have to continue as the West Carlisle was increasingly developed by Des Moines quickly reaching and surpassing intolerable levels and we would constantly be faced with ballot measures or sacrifice an entire generations education to avoid them.

By supporting the efforts of the 40 households in West Carlisle against the City Government of Des Moines, we can retain control and avoid the problems outlined above. The 1500 acres within West Carlisle could easily be turned into 6000, but probably more, housing units by Des Moines; with only one child per home it is easy to see the impact on our schools. Call your city council and our school board and ask them about this then show your support to help us fight the efforts of Des Moines. All of us in West Carlisle already belong to the community of Carlisle we need your support as neighbors and fellow taxpayers.

The choice is clear: support Des Moines for the next two decades and beyond with your tax dollars or support the efforts of West Carlisle today.