508 Resident St.  Olin, IA 52320


102 W. Locust St. Olin, IA 52320


200 2nd Ave.

Oxford Junction, IA      52323












































Come and Be Blessed by the Word of God














The Wapsi Valley Parish

























Our  Pastor



















Pastor Pat Slater





























Pastor Pat and her husband, John,  farm outside Olin. She leads worship in both Olin and Oxford Junction each week. She leads our members and friends in numerous ministries in and around our communities. Pastor Pat is available for you.











































How to Find Us























The Wapsi Valley Parish is east of Cedar Rapids. Take Highway 30  to Stanwood and turn north on Highway 38 to reach Olin. From Olin, take County Rd. E-45 west to Morley. To reach Oxford Junction, take Highway 38 north of Olin, cross the bridge, and take E-45 east (marked Hale 5 miles) to Oxford Junction.












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Phone: 319-484-2137
Email: parish@netins.net