5 Star Dance & Tumbling Academy

606 Second Street

Ida Grove, IA 51445

(712) 364-3334


8-WEEK SESSION (begins first full week in June, Times TBA)


1.      Technique (ages 8 and up) (beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels)

-         stressing the importance of stretching, how to hold your body

correctly while dancing, and learn turns, leaps, and more

-         anyone wishing to be in competition classes this next year needs to take technique

-         $65 + tax

2.      Summer Tumbling (ages 3 and up) (beginner, intermediate, and advanced)

-         a good way for those who want to experiment with tumbling

but haven’t had a chance no matter what age or to just keep your tumbling skills fresh throughout the summer.

-         $65 + tax


2-WEEK SPEED SESSION (starts first full week of August, M-TH times TBA)

-         classes Monday through Thursday for two weeks straight


1. Technique (ages 8 and up) (beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels)

-         $65 + tax



-         Begins in July

-         $85 + tax (includes fair fee’s)

-         will learn two passes going down the mat and back

-         will compete during Iowa State Fair (middle of August)

-         it’s fun for all age levels and abilities!!!!



-         $75 TO $200 / routine

-         it’s a good idea to learn routine in May, dates and time’s are decided upon by participants schedule.

-         Amount depends on amount of kids in group and level

-         I really want more kids to do this! It’s fun and exciting and you get to show off your talents. Bill Riley’s talent competitions are held everywhere throughout the state usually during fair’s and town celebrations (Ida County Fair holds one every year!).  If your child wins they advance to the competition round at the Iowa State Fair in August!

-         For more information and pricing please askJ

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