Music: It is very important to practice dance with music! You may bring your own blank cd (CD-R) or purchase one from the office for $2.00 (which includes a case).  All students should get/ask for music from the teacher at least twice a year.  We do note those who get/receive music cd’s so we know who is practicing and dedicated.

Bad Weather: When bad weather develops we will try our hardest to call and inform you of cancellations either by phone or e-mail.  If BCIG school district cancels classes or lets classes out early due to bad weather 5 Star automatically cancels classes.  We will also have cancellation notices on the answering machine and our website (soon to come). Classes cancelled due to bad weather will be made up, however, if a class has more then two classes cancelled due to weather they will not be made up but given a discount on your next bill.  Classes missed by students due to other absences will not be given a refund.


Care of Students: We are not responsible for your child outside of class time.  Please do not leave your child for long amounts of time at the studio before or after class.  If you are going to bring other children to class they must stay in the children’s corner.  If they are disrupting the class you will be asked to leave with them.  Teachers should not have to stop class to deal with outside disturbances. 


Parent Responsibilities: Parents are welcome to class every third class of the month as long as they are quiet and courteous.  All cell phones’ must be turned off or put on silent and talking must remain at a minimum.  I especially encourage parents to watch every third week of the month if there child is 8 and under.  This way you know what is going on in class and you can videotape or take notes of new steps for your child to practice at home.  Please pick up after yourself and your child.


**Starting 2008 all students must bring a blank notebook to class.  We will be learning definitions of movements and writing down the steps they learn so they can practice at home.  (Younger kids will be given print outs they will glue in their notebook).


Dress Code and Things Needed for Class

            If your child shows up in inappropriate clothes and/or shoes they will not be able to participate in class. Shoes must be bought by the end of September.  If a child still does not have shoes after this time then they will not be able to participate in class until they do.





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