1. Improve one’s dance ability.  Students make great effort to excel and in doing so show remarkable progress.
    2. Why compete if dancing is not a career goal? Most obvious reasons are opportunity for personal growth, incentive to work their hardest, practice and dedication for a goal and develop positive working relationships with others.  It is obvious that dedication to a goal builds character and the development of character is a positive attribute, which will serve the individual during their entire lifetime.


    1. Through competition, students are given the opportunity to learn to measure their own potential and accomplishments.  This can be achieved by becoming their own judge of accomplishments and goals.  Students are greatly enhanced when they keep their power instead of releasing control to a panel of judges.  Through this philosophy, students realize that trophies do not measure success and that by having achieves a large number of awards does not necessarily equal a winning character.
    2. A true winner always succeeds because regardless of the score received, he or she is taking part in a process of growth that requires the desire to achieve excellence.  True winners are also successful because they are doing something each day that is meaningful.  When one does something they enjoy, the goal of doing that activity is the most important and the rewards that follow serve as a bonus.
    3. Students are given the opportunity to measure where they stand against dancers of their own age.  Competition provides students with critiques of their dancing.  This knowledge allows dancers to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses as compared to others.  Competition also shows students how their artistic and technical abilities compare against their peers.  Though competition in many instances allows dancers to be rated in comparison to other dancers, it is important to remember that no competition can measure the desire that drives one to dance or the future potential that lies within the individual.



1.     To attend all practices (rehearsal and technique)

-  2 absences allowed

-  no unexcused absences

-         your parents must call when you will be missing class and give reason

2.     If you miss any classes it is up to you to schedule an appointment with your teacher to catch up or to catch up with a classmate.  We will not review and re-learn during class time for you and if you don’t get it down you will be asked to not perform with your group at the next competition.

3.    To attend all competitions/performances unless there is an emergency or the studio is told 5 weeks prior to competition/performance date that you/your child will not be able to attend.

4.    Fulfill all financial requirements (outfits, shoes, transportation, or housing at competitions and competition fee’s).

5.    Every member shall conduct himself or herself as a    respected role model at all times.  No back talking, complaining, leaving early or coming late, no answering cell phone’s (which will be turned off or put on silence upon entering the studio).  Failure to do any of these will result in termination of place in competition group.



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