*tax is already included

*classes offered in jazz/contemporary, tap, ballet, lyrical, pom, hip-hop, and tumbling

  1. NEW: MOMMY AND ME: A class for two year old’s and their mommy’s.  We work on following directions, coordination, strength, and fun singing and dancing.(30 minutes) $18.00/month.
  2. 1-HOUR COMBINATION CLASS: girls and boys ages 3-7.  20 minutes tap, 20 minutes ballet/jazz, 20 minutes tumbling.  $30.00/month
  3. I HOUR DANCE COMBO CLASS: girls and boys age 7 and up, any two-½ hour classes back to back.  $30.00/month
  4. I HOUR JAZZ CLASS WITH TECHNIQUE: girls and boys ages 8-9 (those ten and older must take ½ hr technique with 1 hr jazz).  $30.00/month
  5. 1 HOUR COMBO CLASS WITH ½ HOUR TECHNIQUE: girls and boys ages 8 and up. $45.00/month
  6. 1 HOUR TUMBLING CLASS: girls and boys ages 5 and up. $30.00/month
  7. 45-MINUTE TUMBLING CLASS: girls and boys age 3-5. $25.00/month
  8. ½ HOUR CLASS: Any classes taken alone and not in any combination with another class. $18.00/month
  9. 1 ½ HOUR COMBINATION CLASS: Jazz, technique, hip-hop or pom. $45.00/month
  10. 2 HOUR COMBINATION CLASS: Ages 8 and up.  1/2 hr jazz, 1/2 hr technique (oe 1 hr technique) with other 1/2 hr (s) used for pom, hip hop, or tap. $54.00/month
  11. ADULT JAZZ HIP HOP AND/OR TAP: (1/2 hr or 1 hr class) ages 18 and up.  For those who have never danced but want to, want a fun way to stay in shape, or used to dance and want to get back into it.  Available for beginner or intermediate.  Must have at least six in class. 18.00 or $30.00/month.

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