Shoot rules

You must report to the a line judge 5 minutes prior to your line starting. There will be 15 lanes on the line. There will be 3 shooters assigned to a lane if needed.  You will shoot at 2 targets per lane.  There will be a 1 minute time limit to shoot your 2 targets.  There will a lighting system to keep track of time. Green light and horn will start the one minute mark, a yellow light will come on to mark the 10 seconds to go, followed by a red light and horn to stop the shooting.  At that point after the line is cleared shooters will go down and score for each other. You may not score your own arrow.  There will be 3 line judges for any judgement calls or if there is only one shooter in a lane he or she will be scored by a line judge.  The archers will then move down one lane on to the next two targets.  The archers will be in charge of rotating at the different lanes so that one shooter is not always shooting first and so on.  Any arrow dropping acrossed the shooting line will be considered a shot arrow. Your friday or saturday score will be used for qualifying for championship round only. Your sunday score will be your score for for placing in the championship round. So if you qualify for sunday you will start at zero. No combined scoring for the 2 days. Any ties will be determined by a shoot out process for qualifing and top 3 place winners in each class. There will be NO reshoots for score. You may shoot additional rounds for recreation if line space is available. You will pay pre registration price and not day of price for reshoots. You are allowed to shoot in more than one class. Will be taking the top 40 shooters in the MBH and Open class to the championship lines on sunday. The MBH will shoot the 8:00 a.m line suday. The Trad and FBH will shoot the 10:00 a.m. line on sunday and the Open Class will shoot the noon line on sunday. Any more questions pertaining to the shoot rules feel free to contact us.

Two man shoot
A two man shoot will be held around 7:00 p.m. It will be a $10.00 a person entry fee. You will shoot 15 targets. You will shoot your score and turn in your card. We will then draw another shooters name and place your scores together for a total score for the event. We will pay out 60% of the pot to the winning team.

Equipment rules

There will be a inspection table you will need to report to a hour prior to your line time.  Following inspection you will be given the ok to proceed with the shoot after any adjusts if needed.

MAAS Shootout rules will be followed.


Open Class

No equipment Rules. Stabilizers, sights, speed etc. Shooters will still follow the shoot format.


Freestyle bowhunter

1) Maximum of five (5) fixed reference points: points of attachment shall not be considered reference points. A line vertically from its top attachment in the pingaurd to its bottom attachment in the pinguard would be legal.  Sighting reference points, string peep (with or without lens) and or kisser button may not be moved during round.  Scopes, clickers and draw checks are not allowed.  A round or oval housing around the points of reference is not considered a scope as long as no lens are used.  No additioinal pins guard my be used.  A sightpin consisting of a housing with a hole through it, that does not contain a fixed reference point within the hole, is not allowed.

2) Release aids are permitted

3) A pin gaurd mounted on the sight, and a level mounted anywhere will be legal in this style of shooting, provided that there are no additional marks or blemishes on either of those items that could be used for sighting.

4) A string of suitable material with a center serving and end servings of the same or different color maybe used.  One consistent nocking point only is permitted.  Nocking point locators shall not extend more then 1/2 inch above or below the arrow when at full draw.  Brush buttons and string silencers properly attached are legal. 

5) One anchor point only is permitted.

6) All arrows shall be identical in size, length, weight and fletching with allowances of wear and tear.

7) Brush buttons, string silencers, postioned no closer then midway between the nocking point and where the string touches the wheel/cam, and bow quiver installed on the opposite side of the sight window are legal.  One straight stabilizer, coupling device included if used, which cannot exceed 12 inches at anytime, as measured from the back of the bow.  V-bar, counterbalance and string dampeners may be used.

8) An archer will not be permitted to change draw weight of the bow during a round.

9) During a round no adjustments may be made to the bow and its related equipment unless equipment failure is recognized.


1) This style shooting is for those who wish to compete with the recurve or longbow.

2) No device of any kind, including arrow rest, that can be used for sighting will be used or attached to the archers equipment.

3) There shall be no device, mechanical or otherwise, in the sight window except the arrow rest, arrow plate or plunger button.

4) No part of the rest or arrow plate may extend more than 1/4 inch above the arrow.

5) No clickers, draw checks or levels will be allowed.  No laminations, marks or blemishes on the face of the bow or in the sight window will be legal.

6) The string may be of any color but must have a single color center serving. One single nocking point is permitted. One or two nock locators may be used. Brush buttons and string silencers, properly placed, may be used. Any other marks or string attachments will be illegal.

7) One anchor point only is permitted.

8) The archer shall touch the arrow when nocked and drawing the arrow with the index finger against the nock.  Finger positions may not be changed during competition. In case of physical disability of arms or hands, a chew strap may be used in place of fingers.

9) Gloves, tabs or fingers shall be the only legal releases. In the case of physical disability of arms or hands a chew strap may be used.

10) All arrows shall be indentical in length, weight, diameter and fletching with allowance for wear and tear.

11) No stabilizers or counter balance may be used.

12) No written memorandum will be allowed.

13) Bow slings are permissible.


Additional shoot rules
1) No Bi nocs, monocs, or other magnifying devices allowed in building. Any person caught with them will be eliminated from shoot or asked to leave.

2) No range finders.

3) We will allow any slider style sights (no lens. Single pin) You may adjust for yardage only during round. Example: HHA, Cobera, Troglo etc.

4) Arrow shaft, tip, and insert may not be over 23 series. 23/64th outside diameter. For MBH, FBH, and Trad divisions.

5)All Bows must be with in the 300 fps. Nothing over is allowed. NO PLUS ALLOWED. Bow speeds can be checked any time during the event. Top placings will be verified after championship lines on sunday. The crono will be set each day and you will be able to check your bow at anytime.