V & W Lamb Company, formerly the Diamond Sheep Co., began in 1984 with the purchase of 54 ewe lambs from the Norby flock of Fairview, North Dakota. The criteria for this selection were a predicted producing value of 100 or greater, good mouth, structural correctness (feet and legs, plus relatively level tops and smooth shoulders), born and raised a twin or better, and fleeces of good quality and uniformity. Our present flock averages 350 ewes with 20-30 ewe lambs bred each year.

Polyays are our business, not our hobby. We invite you to stop by and visit our operation at any time. Our sheep and our records are always available for your inspection. We maintain production records as follows:

V & W follows a very strict management calendar, which includes the following:

At V & W Lamb Company, we are very proud of the quality of our sheep. Take a look at our flock-wide performance averages

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