Veronica's Website

Here you will find information regarding uploading and downloading files to Veronica.

First you will need a ftp program, if you don't have one you may download Fetch here. To download Fetch simply hold the option key and click the link. Then choose where to save the file.

If you have any questions you may email Veronica.

Uploading Files

1) Once you have Fetch installed (or any other ftp program) simply launch the application.

2) After you launch Fetch you will be presented with the screen above. Enter the following information in the highlighted area. If you are not using Fetch the window will not look the same but there will still be an area to enter the necessary information.

User ID: vlfowler
Password: nquw4040
Directory: (leave blank)

3) Once you have entered the information above click the "OK" button. You will then be presented with the window below.

4) Next push the button that is labeled with the large "A."

5) Then select the file you would like to upload. It's as easy as that.

Downloading Files

1) Follow steps 1-3 of the uploading process. After you have completed those steps go on to the second step.

2) Select the file you would like to download from the area labeled with "File List." (You select the file by clicking on it.)

3) Click the button labeled with the large "B." Then simply choose the location you would like to save the file to. Only if everything was that easy.