V-42 Speedway

           Bloomfield,Iowa  1/5 mile dirt oval

       Family Fun In The Dirt
        BEST VIEWED AT 800x600

I would like to thank all the Karters for their support last year, and hope to see
many more of you this year. V-42 Speedway will alternate weekends with the
Show-me Speedway in Downing, MO.

There will be a new "Rookie Class". This will be a beginners class but the
go-kart chassis must be KART/IKF approved (same as JRs 1s)

Jerry Hawkins (home) 641-664-1020 (work) 641-664-1085
Track Information Phone 641-664-5278
Hot Laps  @  6:00 pm.
Racing  @  7:00 pm.

                                                   Take J-40 east out of Bloomfield 6mi. and turn north on V-42 3mi.


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