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The Union Public Library Foundation is an Iowa non-profit corporation.  It was founded in June of 1988. 

The Purpose of the Foundation is to aid development of the Union Public Library by providing financial assistance for programs not possible within the budget limitations of public funding.  The Foundation, through it directors and with the assistance of attorneys when necessary, arranges for the acceptance of assets from donors in any form: Gifts of cash, gifts of property, gifts of stocks or securities, Memorial gifts, honoring relatives or friends, Gifts through your corporation or business, Bequests in wills.  The directors of the Foundation then determines how the assets will be managed unless a specified purpose has been identified by the donor.

The Foundation benefits the Union Library by providing a stable reservoir of funds available which is not affected by the vagaries of annual budget requests to public funding bodies.  Maintaining the status quo and especially adding any services or resources will require funding beyond that available from the public tax sector.

Gifts to the Library Foundation are Tax-deductible, and will be appropriately recognized as received.  This means that if you itemize, the actual cost is usually considerably less the the gift's face value.  For example, a donor who is in the 33 percent tax bracket would incur a net cost of only $67 for a $100 gift.   You also have the opportunity to make a wonderful investment in your community and future generations with a lifetime gift or bequest to the Union Public Library Foundation.

You may wish to make a gift to the Library Foundation.  Each year, benefactors make a variety of gifts to the Union Public Library through the Foundation.  The method selected by each donor depends upon his or her own motivation, financial circumstances, and tax position.   Gifts of cash are sometimes made on an annual basis, according to tax circumstances at the time.  Securities may be given in lieu of cash.   Donors may receive tax deductions in the amount of the fair market value of the stock at the date of donation, subject to certain limitations.  Donors of securities need not pay capital gains tax where stock has appreciated in value since the acquisition date.  
Real estate has the same benefits as securities.

Life insurance is an increasingly popular gift.  The Foundation is irrevocably named the beneficiary and policy owner.  Donors obtain a federal tax deduction of approximately the cash surrender value of the policy.

Charitable remainder trusts become operative during the donor's lifetime.  Thus they provide a lifetime income to the grantor and permit an immediate income tax deduction.  A charitable remainder annuity trust provides an annual income of a specified amount, while a charitable remainder unitrust provides a variable rate of return.
Gifts by bequest are exempt from federal estate taxes.   Donors provide for the Foundation through their wills.

Gifts-in-kind include books, collections, or equipment.  The amount of the tax deduction depends upon thee fair market value of the property at the date of the gift, with some limitations.

Memorial gifts perpetuate a family name.  An endowment fund established with memorial contributions, and if the donor wishes, augmented by future gifts creates a lasting remembrance while significantly aiding Library programs.
Honorary donations provide an opportunity to honor a special person or occasion while helping the Library Foundation's projects.
Matching gifts
double or even triple your gift.  See your personnel officer for pertinent information.
You may designate how your gift is to be used.  The directors of the Union Public Library Foundation pledge to use your gift exactly as you request.   For more information contact any director.  Annamaria Hauser is the Chairman.   Current directors are Jo Bates, Susan Schill,  Gary Hauser,  and an member appointed by the Library Board.