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Union Public Library Board of Trustees

The Union Public Library is governed by a seven member Board of Trustees who are appointed by the City of Union Council for a term or six years.

Karen Hammers  President
Kara Backoff
Jolece Gunderson
Heidi Kasiand
Genya Clemons
Deanna Vaux
Lora Bachman

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      The Union Public Library is a department of the City of Union.  It is accredited by the State Library
      of Iowa.  The main library is handicapped accessible.  The Union Library is using a Follett automated 
      circulation system and Patron Access Catalog.  There is a Fax machine and a Photocopier for public
      use and Computers for patrons' use.  

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     Mission Statement

     The mission of the Union Public Library is:

     To assemble, preserve and administer, in organized collections, books and other educational and
      recreational material in order to promote enlightened citizenship and enriched personal lives.

     To serve the community as a center of reliable information, to make every effort to meet the 
     requirements of individualized reference service to patrons, using either the library's own 
     collection, interlibrary loan, electric library, or other large on-line databases.

     To provide a place where inquiring minds may encounter not only popular, conventional ideas, 
     but also the unorthodox and critical ideas so necessary as stimulants in a society that depends
     for its survival on free competition in ideas.

     To provide opportunity and encouragement for children, young people, men and women to educate 
      themselves continually.

     To seek continually to identify the desires and needs of the community, to provide library 
     materials and programs of service to meet such desires and needs, to consider patrons' request 
     when adding to the library' collection.

     To provide opportunity for recreation through the use of books, books on tape, music, video tapes, 
     and other art forms.

     To endeavor to make the library a pleasant, inviting place where both adults and children are 
     encouraged to browse and exp
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    The Internet and the Library

      One of the purposes of the Union Public Library's Home Page is to provide quick access to Internet
      Sites that we have found to contain information that is useful to library patrons.

     The world wide web is unregulated, and constantly changing.  If you would like us to add a site or 
     delete a site, or have any other suggestions, corrections, or comments please e-mail us at
     jobates@heartofiowa.net .  We welcome your help.