There are many Alternative Livestock Enterprises from
which we have chosen both Elk and Bison.  Join us in this
exciting Enterprise which is both, fun and profitable!

We started touring ranches in 1994 and then established
our ranch in the spring of 1995.  We run about 60 head
of Elk and 50 head of Buffalo.

Our Elk Sires are:
click picture for a bigger image of Elvis,
Ulfers Colombo (Son of Columbus),
Ulfers Weapon (Son of Manitoba Weapon),
Ulfers Wild & Woolly Czaro (Son of Czar, Clearstone Bull).

We have also bought into the Syndication's of Dexter
and King of the Mountain.

All our Elk are pure and registered with NAEBA.  We
have a velvet herd as well as a cow herd to sell breeding stock.

Our Bison herd consists of all Plains Bison and our Bison
cow herd consists of all Plains buffalo which we
breed to the best bulls available.

     We will have Elk and Bison for sale in the Fall.
     We do take orders for calves early and work out a
delivery date.
     We would like for you to call us at 1-(515)-775-3339 (Both telephone &
Fax) and our E-mail address is
     We do have and take the elk antler capsules (health
supplement).  They are good for relieving stiffness,
arthritis pain, lowering of blood pressure, menstrual
problems and general energy promotion.  We have had
very good results from taking these capsules, as have
people around us through out the area.  If you have the
desire to try these, give us a call or fax us or e-mail
us and we can supply you with velvet capsules.
     We also warehouse fencing and posts and have
purchased a post pounder which we rent out to the
"do-it-yourself" fence builders.  The post pounder is
on a portable, custom-made trailer and hitches to a
3-point on your tractor.
     We board elk and welcome you to come visit us.  We
have learned a great deal over the years about elk.  We
would be happy to share our knowledge with you.  If you
have any questions, give us a call or e-mail us.
     Elk are such a Majestic, Interesting animal; that
give tremendous satisfaction and pleasure to raise.  Elk
and Bison Ranching are, in our opinion, the two BEST
Alternative Livestock Enterprises to be in.  Meat,
Velvet and Breeding Stock give you different options
for marketing.
     We have Five Children and all of them enjoy the
Alternative Livestock we raise.
     There is so much information to share.  We have
put together a small booklet we call our "Elk Bible";
It contains a great deal of information about Elk
nutrition, handling facilities, transportation, start-
up tips, velveting instructions, as well as a Health
Management Calendar.  Stop by our Ranch and we will be
happy to give one to you.
     We are easy to find on an Iowa Map and easy to
get to from Highway 3.  Either coming from Hampton or
Waverly area.
For Questions About Elk or Bison email Milt & Marilyn at mulfers@netins.net
This Page is still under major construction.  Please stop by again for new updates to this page.
Thank You.  ~The Ulfers Family


 Iowa Elk Breeders Association (IEBA)
Minnosota Elk Breeders Association (MEBA)
North American Elk Breeders Association (NAEBA)

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