The following is my system as of now, all the pics are the actual things, except for the head unit (which is last years model, mine looks better imho) and the amp seems to have a slightly different place for the mounting screws. i also have a road gear amp 250max that used to run a Pro Thump 15 and 2 bandpass optimus 8's (they sound like crap but the boxes make them hit hard.;^). but now there hooked up to my 6X9's, any i may put the 8's back in and hook them up parallel to it.... the amp sounds marginaly better than the head with the gain turned way down. i got about 1/2 of my system from and if i did it again i would get it all from there, the prices are about 1/2 retail for a lot of the stuff, and john doesn't tire of constant questions as many would. if you get something tell him i sent you, maybe i will get a discount or something :^) if you wanna see some pics of the system that is actualy in my car, click here i will hopefully have more soon, when i get my system 'finalized' i will borrow the digital camera again, and take pics of the actual instalation. it might not be pretty, but it will work. the speakers are my rating i gave to the components, the more speakers the better the product, the max is 5

the componets from the top are:

Great (silk) tweeters. ever since i heard a pair of infinity silk dome tweeters i vowed never to buy another ceramic dome tweeter, and Santana has never sounded better. an extreamly good deal, i don't have enough good things to say about them. 75 RMS Read a review (on the component set it came from, aparently they like them as much as i do)


Good midranges, i paid a little much for them comparing to what i could have gotten them for, 90rms, pretty good sounding.

Ii got a great deal on this, mostly why i got it. it has everything i need, preamp out's, 35x4 max, ect... nothing special.

Pioneer 4-way 6X9's, good sounding speakers, 220 max, good rear fill, but i think pioneer might have been better off goin for fewer higher quality drivers, they almost sound a bit harsh compared to my DEI's

This thing is supposed to put out 1000 watts rms (500x2) into a 2 ohm load, which is what i am running it at, but i am not getting quite the thump i want out of it, i don't think that this realy puts out 1000 (more like 600), but it is a good clean amp for the price as long as you don't take the 1000 watts rms seriously. got this one on sale too.

800 max, seems to keep up very well with the amp. these subs are a far cry from the other line of pioneer subs though, much better. I decided to go with the high end of a less prestigious brand, as opposed to something such as JL, as i though i would get more for my money, and this sub has some cool fetures, the lead wires are incorporated into the spider, it has a foamed impp nickel coated cone, kicker like cone shape, and realativly small box requirments, 1.1 cubic feet. these are SQ (sound quality, as opposed to SP subs, which go for max SPL)subs, which is why i might actualy want to trade them for a more efficient sub since my amp doesn't put out quite as much power as i thought it would. but if u want a SQ sub for metal/tecno/classic rock type music that goes LOW, they are a good choice Read a Review Here

Current project:
right now i am in the process of making a custom bandpass enclosure. it will sit right under my rear deck and the ports will be firing up through it (they will actualy be flush with it, and go down into the box). This should make the system produce a LOT more volume, as the sound will get into the cabin much better, and since they were in a sealed, and now are going into a bandpass that will make them hit a lot harder as well. In the trunk, there will be a plexiglass veiwing area, which will view the front of the woofers, the woofers will be done up in a black light reactive substance, probably red and blue, there will be 2 neon blacklights that will come on when the trunk is opened (operated by a relay hooked to a trunk light) they will most likely be located as close to the woofers as possible, most likely inside the boxes. there will also be 2-4 more neon stips in the trunk, 2 mounted under the area just in front on the trunk hing. the other two on the side under a overhand (if i can figure out a mouning method for these) the bottom of the enclosure will fit perfectly on the bottom of the trunk since it is being made of fiberglass. the sides/top are planned to be wood, probably 3/4 inch thick with extensive bracing.
i have layed 3 layers of  fiberglass thus far, and i think that 4 layers should be sufficient for this project, but i will have to see once i have the fourth layer completely on. i am a more then a little short on money right now, so the progress is going to be slow on this one, as even though i am doing all the work, the materials cost $$ as well :^(

Other farther away plans :^)
Amp Rack-not shure exacly how this will look/where it will be, but it probably wont be a permanent one untill i get all of my amp's that i plan to use

Another cruntch V-600 amp-since the subs can handle the amp bridged to one sub fairly well this should give a lot more volume and better sound quality, as the amp wouldn't be straining as much

JBL or some other type of amp for the surround speakers, the head's sound ins't satisfactory to me, i want a lot cleaner signal

2 10" (infinity or aura) subs in trunk, powered with perhaps a JBL amp, a perfect space behind the wheels for subs, i feel inclined to put something there

2 8" Aura RPM subs powered by (again) perhaps a JBL amp. these will be in the cabin, or in the rear deck where my 6X9's are. either way i will make an enclosure for the Aura's or my Pioneer 6X9's  righ behind my rear side window, very hard to explain the mounting location. i am thinking it could  raise the soundstage a bit if i put the 6X9's there, as they would be higher up.

Fiberglass baffles for all speakers and perhaps some form of bass blockers for them as well.

2  3 1/2 inch components or just tweeters in the center of the dash with volume control and bass blockers. this should fill out the front soundstage and allow me to fine tune the system more and even out the bass/trebel balence.