Under Construction

What it will hopefully look like pretty soon

Current Mods:
Audio system- Much improved over the 2 speaker am radio that came stock
Leopard skin/Black fur interior-(no, not just seat covers, doors, dash, evrywhere)
Cold Air Induction System- Custom maid :^)
Burnout Box- Again, custom maid
Amber Turn Signals on Front License plate
Red Brake Lights under front part of car.
Purple neon  license plate rim on rear
Racing Slicks on rear (well, actualy that is due to the smoke-shows it sometimes makes when i press on the peddle a bit to hard, i.e. tread gone)

Future Mods planned:
Much more to come with the audio system
Undar-car neon lighting kit
Rims (love to have 101 spoke wire wheels, gold plated, but prolly wont due to $$)
paint job/body work
Shaved door handles/trunk key
3rd brake (led style, like new suburb's)
Take off all body trim/emplems exept chrysler on front
GT/SS emblems on grill
Extensive engine/high perf  mods:
    Dual Exhuast with headers/glasspacks/dual crome plated exhuast tips/cutouts, crossover tube
    High Perf Polyurathane suspension bushings (need these bad, mine are shot (20+ years old)
    K&N air filter
    High Perf Ignition/coil
    Viscouse fan package
    New Intake/4-Bbl carb (depends on if i can justify the worsened gas mileage)
    Tourque converter, high stall (maybe)
    Nitrouse (maybe, hopefully)


if you wanna see some pics of the system in my car, click here