Classmates for whom we need addresses for as of 4/6/03:

Any information anyone could supply us on any recent location of these individuals, even though the exact address might not be known, would be greatly appreciated. A city or even a state would be appreciated.


Carl Adams
Gail Anderson-Briner
Katie Orcutt-Capps
Gene Beaty Neal
Luanne K. Bradfield
William A. Browne
Dan Bullard
Betty F. Conaway
Hugh Curtis
Joan Dixon
Karen Dooley
Marilyn M. Evans
Norman B. Ferguson
Jane A. Foster
Don Guth
Fred Hampton
Ron Hanna
Harry Heiden
Jim Howk
Sandra D. Husted
Judith A. Johnson
William A. Johnson
Arthur Don Kenniker
Gilbert Kersbergen
Colleen K. Koser
Lillian Mary Ellen Lundgren
Donna Lea Lyster-Ellis
David P. Marcus

Sue A. McBride-Green
Marilyn McManus
Susan E. Myers
Lee Miller
Mary F. Miller-Kalovsky
Jan W. Morgan
Laura L. Morris
Pat Parr-Moss
Peggy Collins-Monte
Richard D. Oline
Shirley E. Potts
Lois A. Pratt
Paula A. Quinton
Robert W. Schneider
Gary Schroeder
Neill Seeber
Judith A. Shepardson-Shepard
Elizabeth Shivers-Hurst
Noel Smith
Pat Thomas
Howard Treseder
Richard Gerald Walther
Kirk Whelan
Roger Wolf
Barbara Wright
John H. Young
Barbara Irene Yoder