Welcome to my humble home

My name is Dan Treadway. I live in Gilbert, Iowa, very near the center of the state.

I work at Mary Greeley Medical Center in nearby Ames, where I am part of a team that is responsible for installation and maintenance of computers, phones, and the network that ties them all together. HIPAA is keeping us all very busy!

I am a Quaker. I worship at the Ames Friends Meeting. I'm working on organizing the books in our library.

I went to high school at Scattergood Friends School. Later I worked there as Business Manager for four years, and now I'm on the Quaker committee that oversees the school. I graduated from Earlham College in 1979.

I have two brothers and two sisters. My brother Irv has a web page, too.

On weekends I look for a barn dance. Here's a page about barn dancing in Iowa. I help put on a dance each month during the school year at Scattergood, about 12 miles east of Iowa City. I also manage an email list for folks in the Midwest who love to dance.

After all this, if I have time and energy left, I might do some genealogy. My sixth grade teacher got me started, and I got hooked. After about 25 years of on-and-off research, I took about three years off from researching to get most of my information keyed into my computer. Have a look at some of my information.