World Citizen

Ryk Weiss: Vocals, guitars, bass, drums, percussion, mandolin, trumpet

Jerry Kessler: Vocals, mandolin, bouzouki, harmonicas, guitars, bass

Jeff Worrall: drums, percussion

Produced by Ryk Weiss & Jerry Kessler

Recording engineer: Ryk Weiss

Copyright 1997 All Rights Reserved

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Triangle (Weiss)

'Yer 7th Letter (Kessler)

Build A Dream/Anyway (Kessler/Weiss)

Nicarao (Weiss)


Special Guests on the CD are:

Jeff Clothier, soprano and tenor sax, flute.

Jerry Peoples, soprano sax on Triangle.

This is our first CD. During the recording process, it became obvious that the songs needed to be played live. Time and distance made it very hard for Jerry to continue an active role, so after the usual search for compatible players the band has evolved from this great starting point into a solid playing ensemble.
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Jerry has continued playing in the Sioux City area in an acoustic duo (w/Becky Sand), and a electric band with Bekk and a drums/bass rhythm section (SandStorm). He tells me they've added a few of his originals to their set list, which is good to hear - those songs are too good not to be played. Catch 'em if you're in the area.