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World Citizen

1997 - 2009

The band's current lineup:

The bands first CD "No Borders" was released to good reviews in 1997. Founder Ryk Weiss (Nucleus, Electric Cat) on guitars and vocals and original bassist Dave Sternquist (Nucleus, Willow) continue their 9+ year memberships. Currently performing as a three piece ensemble, the addition of drummer Drew Selim in 2004 has given the group additional jazz influences, as well as a strong sense of groove.

Mixing is nearly complete on the band's new CD "The 2nd Time". The group hopes to have it ready for release by the end of the year. Recording the group's next effort continues alongside the current project.

The group continues to perform mainly original songs, with scattered covers by such varied artists as Bob Dylan, King Crimson, and the Beatles. The group's music is a blend of American folk, rock, blues, and jazz with various world music influences, using electric and acoustic sounds.
World Citizen is currently finishing their untitled second CD, and continues to perform at art festivals, museums, and various other venues.

Our first official gig (1997) was in Sioux City. Since then we've played parties, art festivals, gallery openings, coffee houses, and bars around Iowa.
As long as there's a crowd that's dancing or listening, we're happy.

Information & Bookings:
Ryk Weiss 515-275-2594 email

First CD: "No Borders"

*Coming soon! New excerpts from the upcoming CD!


These are demo recordings and DAT recordings of rehearsals, but still:
Copyright 2003 All Rights Reserved

*Not Chicago (Weiss) *Faster Day (Weiss)
*The 2nd Time (Weiss) (acoustic band) When You Were Mine (Weiss)



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