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Climbing Vines



(Variegated Porcelain Vine) Zones 4-8

brevipedunculata 'Elegans' 10-25' midsummer
Strong growing vine with large, grape-leaf shaped green and white speckled foliage. In autumn, the ¼ inch berry fruits mature to a unique porcelain blue color. Fruiting is best in full sun. Best variegation is in partial shade.


durior (Dutchman's Pipe)
30 feet. Very classy coarse textured vine. The 8-10 inch wide heart of kidney shaped foliage is attractive and makes a very effective screen for a trellis, arbor, or fence. Pipe shaped, yellow-green and maroon veined flowers. Fast grower.


(Trumpet Vine) Zones 5-9
radicans 30' summer-early fall
An extremely vigorous vine producing orange trumpet-shaped flowers. Easy to grow in most soil types. Attracts hummingbirds. Best used on fence posts, trellises, and screens.

Pink Shades

Asao 'Asao'
Deep rosy-pink ruffled tepals with a white bar in the center. Yellow stamens. Good for containers. One of the ACS'Top Ten Clematis for 1997'
Height: 6-8'
Flower Size: 6-8"
Flowering Time: May, June and September
  'Comtesse de Bouchard'
Velvety rose-pink with cream anthers. Profuse bloomer.
Height: 8-12'
Flower Size: 4-6"
Flowering Time: June through September.
  'John Paul II'
Beautiful white with soft pink shading which later becomes a darker bar.
Height: 6-10'
Flower Size: 4-6"
Flowering Time: May, June and September.
Pink Champagne 'Pink Champagne'
Large pink flowers have a cerise edging with contrasting yellow stamens. Good for containers. Very free flowering. Good showy choice for smaller gardens.
Height: 7-9'
Flower Size: 6-8"
Flowering Time: May June and September

Purple Shades

  'Akebia' Quinata
Spectacular vine with vanilla scented flowers.
Flower Size: ¾"
Flowering Time: May-June.
A profuse bloomer with deep purple flowers. One of our best sellers.
Height: 8-12'
Flower Size: 5-6"
Flowering Time: June through September.
Mrs. N. Thompson 'Mrs. N. Thompson'
Deep violet purple sepals with a bright red bar.
Height: 8-10'
Flower Size: 4-6"
Flowering Time: May, June and September.
  'The President'
Plum with dark purple stamens.
Height: 8-12'
Flower Size: 6-8"
Flowering Time: June through September.
Warsaw Nike 'Warsaw Nike'
('Warszawska Nike) Wide, dark red violet flowers have a velvety texture with contrasting golden stamens. Ruffled, overlapping sepals have curled edges. More tolerant of shady sites and poorer soils. Does well in containers and makes a nice cut flower. Received the 1990 Word of Recommendation by the judging committee of the Royal Boskoop Horticultural Society, as well as the Silver Medal at Plantarium.
Height: 8-22'
Flower Size: 5-5½" Flowering Time: May through August

Red Shades

Ernest Markham 'Ernest Markham'
Large magenta red with gold anthers. Vigorous grower.
Height: 12-16'
Flower Size: 4-6"
Flowering Time: August through October.
Sunset 'Sunset'
Deep Burgundy red flowers have purple highlights. Long flowering.
Height: 6-9'
Flower Size: 4-6"
Flowering Time: May through August.

Small Flowered

terniflora terniflora
(paniculata) (Sweet Autumn Clematis)
Masses of sweetly scented creamy white blooms. Can be kept small with pruning.
Height: 10-20'
Flower Size: 1/2" to T'
Flowering Time: September through October.

Hydrangea (Climbing Hydrangea) Zone 4

anomala petiolaris 'anomala petiolaris'
up to 75' late spring
This climbing vine has lush, round dark green foliage. Very showy scrambling up against a tree or on fencing. Clusters of fragrant flowers and showy white bracts in early summer. Can grow a foot or more in a season.

Parthenocissus (Boston ivy) Zones 3-9

  quinquefolia 'Engelmannii'
30-50' (Engelman Ivy, Virginia Creeper)
Woody, creeping native. Good fall color. When unsupported, makes a handsome, vigorous, trouble-free ground cover or vine. Good for moderate to large scale use as well as erosion control. Has a fair degree of salt spray tolerance as well as being able to grow under black walnut trees. Non-ornamental flowers. Berry like fruit. Grows successfully in both heavy clay and sandy soils. Requires good drainage.

Polygonum (Silver Lace Vine) Zone 4-8

20-30' midsummer
Twining vine with fragrant, profuse white flowers growing in long erect clusters. Makes a beautiful fence covering.

Schizophragma (False Hydrangea) Zone 5

  hydrangeoides 'Moonlight'
30' early summer
Deciduous climbing vine with heart shaped leaves. Selected for the lovely pewter mottling. Large lacy flowers in summer similar to H. petiolaris. Excellent for brightening up dark areas in the garden. Beautiful up a tree trunk or brick walls.


Zone 4
Twining woody native vine with distinctive bicolored fruits.


'Lemon Lace'
Zone 5
Lemon colored vine features red stems and foamy white flowers in late summer.

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