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(Yarrow or Milfoil) Zones 3-8
Adaptable and undemanding, and will grow in poor soil. Fernlike aromatic foliage. Good for the middle or back of the border.

millefolium 'Paprika' 24" summer. Ruby-red flower clusters.

Red Beauty 18" Deep crimson flowers

Royal Tapestry 2' Royal purple bloom with white center. Repeat bloomer June-September. soft fern like medium green basal leaves.

Anthea 2-3' Gleaming light yellow flowers on erect stems, sturdy silver foliage.


(Monkshood, Turk's Cap) Zones 4-8
Lovely helmet shaped flowers on dense racemes. Flowers last the longest in a partially shaded, moist location. An excellent cutflower. The roots, leaves and seeds are poisonous.

'Arendsii' 36-48 inches. Large blue flowers on dark green foliage.

cammarum 'Bicolor' 48" midsummer. Striking dark violet and white bicolor.


(Lilyleaf Ladybell) Zones 3-8

confusa 36" early summer.
More drought tolerant than A. liliifolia. Nodding bellshaped, fragrant deep blue flowers about 1 inch long.

'Amethyst' - 36 inches, early summer. Z3-8.
Large, pendulous amethyst blue bell shaped flowers arranged symmetrically on many tall erect stems. Long flowering and lovely color.


(Snow-on-the-Mountain) Zones 3-8

podagraria 'Variegatum' 6-14" late spring
Rapid spreading ground cover with green and white variegated foliage. White flowers. Will grow in difficult spots where nothing else can survive.


(Lily Of The Nile) Zones 7-10
Peter Pan 30" Medium blue flower clusters.


(Bugleweed) Zones 3-10
A rapid growing ground cover that proves effective under trees where lawn has difficulty establishing. Also does well if rock gardens and when used as an edging plant. Upright flower spikes that bloomfrom mid-late spring.

Burgundy Glow 6" Pink and silver variegation splashed with purple. blue flowers.

Catlin's Giant 1' Robust grower with bold leaves and large dark purple flowers.

'Chocolate Chip' 4" early spring
This unusual ajuga has rich, chocolate colored, small, narrow leaves. Blue flowers. Choice for small spaces or as an under planting.

'Jungle Beauty' Deep blue flower spikes. Dark purple leaves with soft red border.

reptans 'Burgundy Glow' 6" early spring
Variegated foliage of Burgundy, creamy white and green which gives a vivid tricolor effect. Blue flowers.

reptans 'Catlin's Giant' 10" early spring
Larger-leafed ajuga with purple-green foliage. Blue flowers.


(Hollyhock) Zones 2-8
Stately biennial or short-lived perennial. Plant hollyhocks at the back of the border or along fences and walls.

rosea 'Chater's Double' 4-6' summer
Tall stately spikes with ruffled, fully double ball-shaped flowers. Available in Mixed, 'Newport Pink, Scarlet, White, and Yellow


(Lady's Mantle) Zones 3-7
mollis 18" late spring

An easy to grow evergreen ground cover with rounded, lobed leaves. Tiny yellowish green star-shaped flowers. Flowers can be cut and dried.


(Japanese Anemone) Zones 5-8
A good choice for late summer and autumn flowering. Requires a rich, well-drained soil for top performance.

tomentosa 'Robustissima' 32" late summer
(Hardy Grape Leaf Anemone) Zones 3-8. One of the earliest of the fall blooming Anemones. Pink flowers.

x hybrida 'Honorine Jobert' 36" late summer
Back by popular demand! Pure white single-semi double flowers with bright yellow stamens measure 2-3 inches across. Very floriferous.

'Party Dress' Big fluffy double pink flowers 3 ½ inches across.

'Queen Charlotte' 36 inches - late summer.
Beautiful 3 inch semi double pink flowers.

'September Charm' 30 inches late summer-fall.
Rose colored flowers.


(Golden Marguerite) Zones 3-7

'Sauce Hollandaise' 24 inches, Zones 3-7.
Erect, well behaved clumps of dark green fragrant foliage. A very heavy bloomer.

tinctoria 'Kelwayi' 18-24" summer
Profuse, daisy-like yellow flowers about 2 inches wide. Feathery foliage.


Snapdragon, Zone 5

'Roseum' 8-12 inches.
Pink flowers all summer over bluish fuzzy leaves.


(Columbine) Zones 3-9
Graceful, colorful blossoms make this a delightful border plant. The shorter ones are nicely suited for the rock garden. They delight in a well-drained, rich humus soil.

'Biedermcier' 8-10" late spring
A lovely array of mixed colors. Compact habit.

'Cultorum' A garden staple. Long spurred flowers prized for garden and vase.

'Dorothy Rose' 24-30" spring
(Granny's Bonnet) An outstanding, totally unique flower. The unusual characteristic of having several flowers set inside one another (referred to as hose-in-hose) makes a very distinctive display. Rich luminescent, light rose-pink flowers. Attractive light green foliage has a slight blue cast. This fine garden plant made its debut at the Chelsea Flower Show in 1999.

'Nora Barlow' 28" early summer
Unique double flowering in a color combination of red and pink tinged with green.

'Nora Barlow Mix' 28" early summer
This unique double flowering form goes beyond the classic pink and green to include pure rose, claret, deep mauve, white, soft blue and dark blue.



schmidtiana 'Silver Mound' 8-10" (schmidtiana 'Nana') Zones 3-7
A compact mounded plant. Fernlike, silver-gray foliage. Excellent in the rock garden or for edging. Extremely popular foliage plant.

stelleriana 'Silver Brocade' 10" Habit like Dusty Miller, useful for edging, accent, or container.

Vulgaris 'Oriental Limelight' 12" Very attractive toothed foliage, with lemon yellow variegation on soft green. Grows best in partial shade. Mounding, self branching habit.


(Goats Beard) Zones 3-7

aethusifolius 12" early summer
(Dwarf Goat's Beard) Rather fine, ferny foliage. Creamy white spikes. Needs a moist rich soil.

dioicus 5' early summer
(A. sylvester) Ivory white feather plumes. A valuable addition to the back of the perennial border. Does best in a shady, moist location.


Milkweed (Sun)

'Ice Ballet' 3'. Pure white blooms on long stems.

'tuberosa-Butterfly Weed' 24" Bright orange flowers all summer.


(Hardy Aster) Zones 3-8
Popular for late summer and fall display Taller types are best for cutting.

'Alice Haslam' Deep double rose pink.

dumosus 'Professor Kippenberg' 12-15" late summer
(Bushy Aster) Clear bright blue.

novae-angliae 'Purple Dome' 18" late summer
(New England Aster) Deep purple flowers. Nice compact habit. Heavy bloomer. Mildew resistant.

novi-belgii 'Alert' 12-15" late summer
(New York Aster) Reddish-purple. Our best short red.

'Prince' 3'. Hundreds of ½" white daisies with raspberry red disk florets. Deep plum foliage. Erect, densely branched twiggy foliage.

'Alma Potschke' 30-36". Bright rose pink


(False indigo) Zones 3-9

australis 3-4' late spring
Upright plant with gray-green stems and blue-green leaves. Shrub-like habit. Indigo-blue flowers on long terminal racemes bloom mid to late spring, followed by black seed pods. When dried, seed pods are attractive for arrangements. Good for the back of the border.


(Saxifraga) Zones 3-8
The attractive cabbage-like foliage makes a very decorative ground cover, border or rockery plant. Showy blooms appear from mid to late spring and survives early morning frost.

cordifolia 12-15" spring
Large, glossy dark green foliage with clusters of pink flowers.


Sun - September

Nana 24 inches - Zones 3-7.
Dwarf habit. Pinkish lical flowers resemble Aster blooms. Late summer.


(Alkanet) Zones 3-8

macrophylla 12" spring
Large, green heart-shaped leaves. Delightful, tiny clusters of small blue flowers resemble Forget-Me-Nots. Ideal for a woodland setting or the border, performing best in partial shade.

m. 'Jack Frost' (PPAF) 12-15" spring
A Walters Gardens, Inc. introduction of a B. 'Langtrees' sport. The plant displays a frosty silver overlay with light green venations. Leaves resemble crackled porcelain and shimmer in the garden creating a shining contrast against companion plants and its blue spring flowers. Choice!



'Dichotoma' to 48 inches, zones 5-10.
Bushy rounded shrub with small pinkish-lavender flowers yield to clusters of purple berries spaced along arching branches.


(Bellflower or Harebell) Zones 3-8
Taller bellflowers make good cut flowers. Lower growing varieties are good for edging, rock gardens and containers.

carpatica 'Blue Clips' 8" summer
Light green leaves. Large violet-blue cup-shaped flowers that bloom from late spring through early fall. Deadhead for continuous bloom.

Bernice 26 inches - early summer
Lovely upright growth. Double purple blue flowers.

Bowl of Cherries 15 inches - summer
100's of cherry red bells. Old stem removal results in prolific flowering.

carpatica 'White Clips' 8" summer
White form of C. 'Blue Clips'.

'Dicksons Gold' 4-6 inches, zones 4-9.
Medium blue star flowers on golden heart shaped foliage.

glomerata 'Joan Elliott' 15-18" late spring
Handsome clusters of deep violet-blue flowers.

persicifolia 'Blue' 30" late spring

poscharskyana 4-6" early summer
(Serbian Bellflower) Light, lavender-blue flowers. A fast growing ground cover good for edging and rock gardens. Drought resistant.

punctata 'Cherry Bells' 24-30" summer
Zone 4. Fat, pendulous, cherry-red tubular flowers are neatly edged in white and dangle along the stem. Strong habit.


(Cupid's Dart, Blue Cupidome) Zones 4-9
cacrulea 18" summer
Crispy 1-2 inch blue blossoms. Good cut flower, fresh or dried. Drought resistant.


'Americanus' Cluster of white flowers to 3½ feet. Zone 3.


(Perennial Bachelor Button) Zones 3-8
dealbata 'Rosea' 24" summer
Soft rose-pink flowers.

montana 'Blue' 24" summer
(Perennial Cornflower) Blue flower heads with fringed margins.


(Red Valerian, Jupiter's Beard) Zones 4-8

'Albus' 24-36" summer
Tiny white florets cluster in dense showy heads held above bushy gray-green foliage. Long bloomer.

'Coccineus' 24-36" summer
Tiny carmine-rose florets cluster in dense showy heads held above bushy gray green foliage. Long bloomer.

'Pretty Betty' 24-36 inches, zone 5.
Red flowered selection, glossy foliage.


(Snow in Summer) Zones 3-7

tomentosum 'Yo Yo' 4-6" late spring
This ground cover is highly valued for its woolly-gray foliage. A good specimen for rock gardens or edging. White flowers.


(Pink Turtlehead) Zones 3-8

lyonii 36" late summer
Dark green foliage. Tight clusters of rose-pink flowers. Requires good moisture.

lyonii 'Hot Lips' 36" late summer
Deeper green foliage than the species with bronze-green growth starting early in the sea-son. Red stems persist through most of the sea-son. Rose pink flowers.

obliqua 18-24" late summer
(Zones 4-9) Shorter stalks and narrower leaves than C. lyonii. Very floriferous. Rosy-purple flowers.


(Black Snakeroot, Bugbane) Zones 4-8
ramosa 'Hillside Black Beauty' (PP09988) fall
Introduced by Mary Ann McGourty Striking dark purplish-black foliage that is one of the darkest to date. Fragrant, foot-long bottlebrush flowers open white with a pale blush pink tinge on 4-7 foot stems in fall. A collectors item. Does best in a moisture-retentive soil.

James Compton 36 inches - fall
Dark purple foliage develops after the first season, creamy white flowers.


(Lily of the Valley) Zones 2-7

majalis 6-8" late spring
Fragrant, white, bell-shaped flowers followed by tiny, orange berries. Excellent ground cover for shade.


Zones 5-7

cheilanthifolia 9-12" spring
(Ferny Corydalis) Zones 4-6. Foliage resembles a delicate leafed fern that stays decorative throughout the season. Bright yellow tall flowers. Requires good drainage.

flexuosa 'China Blue' 12" early summer
Fabulous blue flower clusters. Finely divided foliage. The vegetative stems run horizontally. It may have a tendency to go dormant in the summer and grow and flower again in the fall. Mild fragrance.

flexuosa 'Purple Leaf' 8-12" early spring
Attractive bronzy foliage with violet blue flowers. Spreading habit. Do not allow to dry out.


(Montbretia) Zones 5-9

'Lucifer' 36-42" summer Broad handsome sword like foliage. Brilliant flame red flowers. Good cut flower.


Prairie Clover

'Stephanie' 15-18 inches, zone 4
Bright lavender flowers with as many as 40 stalks per plant.


(Hardy Ice Plant) Zones 6-9
A tough, drought resistant ground cover that excels in gravelly soil. Full, succulent foliage with low creeping habit.

cooperi 6-7" summer
Two inch wide daisy-like rose-pink flowers all summer.

floribundum 'Starburst' 4" summer
Glossy green foliage. 2 inch wide daisy-like bright pink shimmering flowers with white centers all summer.


(Larkspur) Zones 3-7
A distinct class of perennials noted for their tall, stately, and dignified appearance. They are best grown in the cooler regions of the country. In warmer areas, they may only survive 23 years. Their height requires staking to support the soft hollow stems.

grandiflorum 'Blue Butterfly' 14" early summer
Compact habit with serrated leaves. 1½ inch deep blue flowers.

Pacific Giant Hybrids
'Astolat' 5-6' early summer
Lavenders to near pinks with contrasting bees.

'Black Knight' 5-6' early summer
Deep midnight violet with a dark central bee.

'King Arthur' 5-6' early summer
Royal violet with white bee.


(Pinks and Hybrid Cultivars) Zones 3-9

'Arctic Fire' 8" late spring
Dark green foliage. Stunning white flowers with a glowing red eye.

'Brilliant' 4" late spring
(Maiden Pink) Prostrate spreading mats. Flowers are a brilliant crimson. A good ground cover for edging or for the rock garden.

'Eastern Star' 2 inches, zones 3-8.
Deep pink flowers with maroon centers on compact silver grey foliage. Blooms from late summer into fall.

'Sarah' Bicolor double flowers of light pink with a broad band of ruby red at the base of each petal. Blooms June-October.

'Spangled Star' Red petals feature pale pink serrated edges, pale pink blotches and a pale pink throat. Typical grey-green glaucous foliage. Blooms profusely June-July.

'Zing Rose' 6" late spring
Rose-red flowers cover dense green foliage.


(Bleeding Heart) Zones 3-9
Dicentra can do well in the sun provided they have sufficient moisture.

'Snowdrift' 12-15" spring
Ferny foliage. Lovely, pure white flowers that begin in early spring and continue until fall.

'King of Hearts' 8" spring
Zones 5-9. A cross between D. peregrina from Japan and D. formosa subsp. oregana and D. eximia. Very lovely, finely cut soft grayish green foliage and rosy pink heartshaped flowers create a soft, delicate display that doesn't know when to stop blooming. Flowers throughout the summer.

'Luxuriant' 12-15" spring
Cherry red blossoms bloom perpetually from late spring until fall above ferny green foliage. Has withstood temperatures of 35' below zero. Tolerates more sun and summer heat than most varieties.

spectabilis 30" spring
Commonly called the old fashioned bleeding heart. An old time favorite with drooping chains of pink hearts.

spectabilis 'Alba' 30" spring
Similar to the above but with white flowers.

'Zestful' 12-15" spring
Deep green fern-leaf foliage. Ever blooming pink flowers from April until frost. Tolerates more sun and summer heat than most varieties.


(Gas Plant) Zones 3-7
Excellent specimen or background plant in the perennial border Once placed, it is best left undisturbed as it does not transplant well.

albus (fraxinella) 32" early summer
Mauve-pink on showy racemes.


(Foxglove) Zones 4-9
Dignified spikes of tubular flowers. Good border plant. The heart stimulant, Digitalis, is derived from this plant. The biennial varieties self sow in the garden. Biennial or short lived perennials.

grandinora 24" early summer
(ambigua) A dwarf perennial foxglove with yellow flowers marked with brown spots.

mertonensis 36" early summer
A hardy perennial with the color of crushed strawberries.


(Leopardsbane) Zones 4-9
orientale 'Little Leo' 12-15" spring
Yellow, semi-double blooms. Compact habit.


(Coneflower) Zones 3-8
Coneflowers make an impressive addition to the late summer garden. Their thick deep taproots make them extremely drought tolerant. They bloom throughout the summer and their seed heads are attractive throughout the fall and winter.

Kim's Knee High 18-24 inches - summer
This dwarf version of the well known native purple cornflower was selected by Kim Hawks of Niche Gardens. Clear pink, drooping flex flower petals, great for small areas.

paradoxa 18-24" summer
(Yellow Coneflower) This unusual coneflower is a prairie plant. Showy 3 inch bright yellow rays surround the dome of the chocolate brown center. Linear, with thicker foliage than other echinaceas. Perfect for dry sites.

purpurea 'Magnus' 36" summer
Huge flat flower heads of rose-pink. 1998 Perennial Plant Association Plant of the Year.

purpurea 'White Swan' 36" summer
White flowers with a coppery cone.

Ruby Giant 30 inches - summer
Huge 7 inch recurved ruby blooms are held aloft on stocky plants.

'Ruby Star' 36-40" Stiff petals of intense carmine red. Vigorous. Long lasting cut flower.

'Tennesseensis' 24-30 inches, zone 4.
3-3½ inch flowers with 1½ inch petals. Blooms all summer into early fall.

'White Swan' 2-3' Creamy white flowers with golden cones.


(Globe Thistle) Zones 3-8
ritro 30-36" summer
Globular, metallic 1½ inch blue flowers. Useful fresh or dried cut flower.


(Barrenwort) Zones 3-8
Once established, this versatile ground cover can tolerate dry shade. Use in mass plantings.

cantabrigiense 12-24" spring
A hybrid of E. alpinum and E. pubigerum. Glossy leaves and creamy yellowish-white flowers.

'Rubrum' 12" spring
Bright red flowers. Compact habit.


Sea Holly (Sun)
'Sapphire Blue' 28"
Large flowers and sturdy stems of intense steel blue, a real stand-out from other sea hollies. An excellent cut flower, fresh or dried.


'Albo Marginata'
Variegated green and white ground cover. Zone 4.

'Aureo Marginata'
Green and gold ground cover. Zone 4.


(Chocolate Snakeroot) Zones 3-7

rugosum 'Chocolate' 36-48" early fall
Terrific background plant for summer blooming plants. Mounds of chocolate tinged oval leaves and deep purple stems provide a sharp contrast to the puffy clouds of white, umbel flowers.


(Blanket Flower) Zones 3-10
These daisy-like flowers bloom from summer to frost and are heat tolerant.

'Baby Cole' 6-8" summer
Dwarf, compact plant. Red flowers with yellow margins.

'Bijou' 10" summer
A more compact grower then 'Goblin' Red with yellow tips.

'Burgundy' 30" summer
Large wine-red flowers, 3 inches in diameter.

'Goblin' 12" summer
Red flowers with yellow margins.

'Summers Kiss' 18 inches, zones 3-8
2 inch flowers, soft apricot with a deep sunny gold blush bloom from early summer until fall with deadheading.


(Sweet Woodruff) Zones 4-8
An excellent ground cover for partially shaded, moist, slightly acidic areas. Tiny white flowers. Galium is very attractive beneath shrubs or in a naturalized area.


(Wand Flower) Zones 6-9

lindheimeri 'Siskiyou Pink' 18" summer
From Siskiyou Nursery in Oregon. Green foliage has a reddish tinge. Brilliant reddish-pink flowers with white stamens. Has a tendency to revert to white. Long flowering.

'Whirling Butterflies' 30" summer
Sterile, with floriferous bright white flowers and red stems that resemble butterflies above willow-like foliage.


(Cranesbill) Zones 4-8
Highly valued for their long flowering period with most having peak bloom in late spring-early summer as well as for attractive foliage. This hardy perennial will enlighten the perennial border or rock garden. We recommend shearing to encourage rebloom.

'Alpenglow' 12-18" late spring
Originates from Alpenglow Nursery in British Columbia. Low carpets of deeply lobed dark green foliage. Long blooming lavender-pink flowers.

'Brookside' 12-18" early summer
Rich sapphire blue with a tiny white eye. Deeply serrated foliage with mounding habit that stays attractive all summer.

'Claridge Druce' 18" early summer
Two inch flowers of lilac-pink. Long flowering.

'johnsons Blue' 15-18" early summer
Vivid blue, cup shaped flowers that will bloom for a long period.

'Patricia' 24-36" summer
A cross between G. endressii x G. psilostemon. Big, bold dark green foliage. Bright pink-magenta flowers with a black star-shaped center. Long flowering. Stunning!

'Rozanne' 18-20 inches, zones 5-8.
Large 2½ inch violet blue flowers from mid June to October. Foliage turns red in the fall.

'Samobor' 24" summer
Selected from the wild in Croatia is this striking geranium with a strong chocolate brown zone on each leaf that complements the dusky purple flowers. Cut down hard after flowering to promote a fresh flush of attractive foliage.


(Avens, Grecian Rose) Zones 5-7

'Borisii' 12" spring
Neat tufty growth with orange flowers. Basal rosettes of fuzzy leaves.

'Rivale' 18-24 inches, zones 3-8
Deep green foliage with uniquely shaped blooms of different colors.


(False Sunflower) Zones 3-9

'Ballerina' 36" summer
Glossy, deep green leaves. Semi-double gold flowers. Compact habit.

helianthoides 'Summer Sun' 36" summer
Bright yellow daisy-like flowers. Three inch flowers.

Loraine Sunshine 30 inches - summer
Exotic white leaves with green veins which turn somewhat darker late in the season. Large golden yellow daisy like flowers from July until frost on erect loosely branched plants.

Prairie Sunset 36-48 inches - summer
Deep green purple veined leaves on dark purple stems. Gleaming yellow flowers are imbued with a wine colored eye. Often flowers for 8 weeks and can grow up to 6 feet but tends to bow over giving it a graceful 4 foot effect.


(Lenten Rose) Zone 4-9
Lenten rose grows easily and is pest and disease resistant.

x hybridus 'Sunshine Strain' early spring
From Barry Glick of Sunshine Farms. Hand pollinated to insure the most vigorous and colorful strain, the Sunshine selection represents a complex hybrid of several species of helleborus plants by breeders from all over the world. Notable improvement over H. orientalis. Excellent seed strain.


(Foamy Bells) Zone 3-7
Heucherella is a hybrid genus produced from a cross between Heuchera and Tiarella. Blooms mid-spring.

'Burnished Bronze'(PPAF)
A Terra Nova introduction. Large cut leaves with a glossy burnished bronze finish. Starry pink flowers on branched scapes. Can repeat bloom.
Foliage height: 8"
Flower height: 18"

'Pink Frost'
Pink starry flowers over silver-green foliage. Long blooming.
Foliage height: 5"
Flower height: 18"

'Silver Lode' 30-36 inches.
Sturdy burgundy wands of pink buds and white flowers.

'Viking Ship' (PPAF)
A Terra Nova introduction. Unique form. Silvered, maple-like leaves in spring. Profuse pink, long blooming spires. Tolerates humidity.
Foliage height: 6"
Flower height: 18"


(Rose Mallow) Zones 4-9

'Fantasia' (PPI 1853) 3' late summer
Outstanding compact, rounded form. 3-lobed maple-cut leaves are thick and compact giving it a fuller effect. Dinner plate size (8-9" across) lavender flowers are very ruffled. Prolific bloomer.

'Lord Baltimore' 4-5' late summer
A Robert Darby hybrid. Brilliant ruffled, red flowers up to ten 10 inches across.

'Pink Clouds' 4-5 feet, zone 4.
Intense deep pink flowers. Blooms over a long period.



'Leopard' 15 inches, zone 4.
Low rosettes of bluish green leaves with red-brown spots, clusters of yellow flowers.


(Korean Houttuynia) Zones 3-8

cordata 'Chameleon' 6-9" summer
(Camelon) Heart-shaped leaves. Very striking foliage of yellow, green, bronze and scarlet red. Vigorous grower, spreading by rhizomes. White flowers. Breaks dormancy late. An aquatic plant at home in wet areas.


(Double Japanese Aster) Zone 3

pinnatifida 'Hortensis' 24-36" summer
Small semi-double white daisy Provides over 12 weeks of flowering from summer through fall.


'Picta' 6-8 feet, zones 4-9.
Shrub with attractive toothed leaves edged in white. Profuse blooms of yellow flowers.


'Mars Midget' 16 inches, zone 5.
A profusion of ruby red flowers June until frost on compact dwarf plants. Attractive to butterflies.


(Tritoma, Red Hot Poker) Zones 6-9

uvaria 'Early Hybrids' 30" early summer
Red and orange shades.

uvaria 'Pfitzeri' 18-24" late summer
Deep orange flower spikes. Excellent cut flower.


(Spotted Dead Nettle) Zones 3-8
Herbaceous ground cover or contrast plant which radiates color in darker shaded areas. Dormancy breaks early in spring and foliage lasts until late fall. Not as invasive as other forms. Semi-shade is best, but will do well in heavier shade.

'Anne Greenaway' 6-8" spring
Discovered by English plantsman, Bob Brown of Cotswold Gardens. This delightful new ground cover has exquisite foliage that is a blend of dark and pale green, chartreuse and silver. Loose clusters of mauve flowers appear in late spring to early summer. It spreads to about 18 inches by underground stolons, rooting where stem nodes touch the ground.

maculatum 'Beacon Silver' 4-8" spring
Silver-white leaves and green margin. Lavender-pink flowers.

'Orchid Frost' 4-6" spring
Trailing stems bearing shimmering silvery centers and scalloped blue green margins. This chance seedling selection appears much more resistant to foliar diseases and an improvement over other types. Showy and heavy blooming with orchid-pink flowers.

maculatum 'Pink Pewter' 4-8" spring
Similar to 'White Nancy' but with clear pink flowers.

maculatum 'White Nancy' 4-8" spring
White flowering form of 'Beacon Silver'.


(True Lavender, English Lavender) Zones 5-9
Evergreen, aromatic gray foliage. Scented flower spikes are highly valued and popular in potpourri and sachets. Good border or specimen plant. Summer. Requires a minimum temperature of 45-50° F. for successful transplanting.

angustifolia 'Hidcote' 12" summer
Deep purple flowers. Nicely compact.

angustifolia 'Munstead' 15-18" summer
Rich lavender flowers.


(Shasta Daisy) Zones 5-9
Aglaia 28" summer
Large fully double frilled white flowers. Thick, sturdy stems make it an excellent cut flower that keeps very well.

Becky 36 inches - summer
Excellent performance in the north and south, large single flower heads are sturdy even after a hard rain. Flowers summer to fall if dead-headed.

Alaska 20" early summer
The classic daisy. Large, 3 inch single white flower.

Crazy Daisy 24-28" summer
No two blooms are alike on this frilled, quilled, twisted and just-for-fun shasta daisy. 2½ inch fully double solid white petals around a small, buttery center. Flowers in great abundance all summer.

Little Princess 12" summer
Showy compact plants. Large single blooms.

Snowcap 10-12" summer
An outstanding cultivar. Introduced in the United States by Wayside Gardens in conjunction with English plantsman, Adrian Bloom. Dwarf habit. Long lasting pure white flowers.


(Lewisia) Zones 6-8
Lewisias need excellent drainage. Excellent for rock gardens.

cotyledon Hybrid Mix 8-10" spring
Plants form a tight rosette of spatulate green fleshy leaves. 1 inch flowers in white, pink and salmon shades.

longipetala 'Little Plum' 6" spring
Strong rosettes, lanceolate leaves and short upright stems with large flowering, intense rose-purple flowers with a touch of orange.


(Gayfeather, Blazing Star) Zones 3-9
Stately wand-like flowers makes a strong vertical accent.

spicata 'Floristan Violet' 3-4" mid-late summer
Large spikes of rosy-purple flowers. Best variety for cut flowers.

spicata 'Kobold' 24" early summer
Compact plant. Rose-lavender flowers. Earliest to bloom in the Liatris family.


(Ragwort, Senecio) Zones 4-9
The genus is characterized by handsome foliage. They prefer moist but not wet locations in humus-enriched soil.

Britt Marie Crawford 40 inches - late summer
Deep dark glossy black chocolate maroon leaf tops with dark purple on the undersides. Deep orange yellow flowers in late summer.

dentata 'Desdemona' 3-4' late summer
(Golden Groundsel) Huge, leathery, rounded leaves, bronze-green on upper side and purple underneath. Yellow-orange, daisy-like flowers. Avoid afternoon sun.

przewalskii 4-5' late summer
(Golden Ray) Spires of bright gold-yellow flowers. More tolerant of sun and dry conditions.

stenocephala 'The Rocket' 4-5' late summer
Spires of bright yellow flowers.


'Martagon' 18-36 inches, zone 4.
Pale wine red to soft purple, brown spotted and rarely white flowers. Does well in part shade.

'Tenuifolia' 15 inches, zone 3.
Fragrant bright red flowers in late spring.


(Flax) Zones 4-8

perenne 'Nanum Sapphire' 10" late spring
Well-branched needle-like foliage with abundant sapphire blue flowers. More compact than the species.


(Cardinal Flower) Zones 5-9
An excellent border plant for moist locations. Dense flower spikes in late summer A real hummingbird magnet. Afternoon shade is best.

cardinalis 30" late summer
Zones 2-9. Brilliant red flowers.


Honeysuckle (Sun/Part Shade)

'Blanche Sandman' Zones 4-9.
Deep rose flowers with yellow centers.

'Dropmore Scarlet' to 12 inches, zones 4-9.
Scarlet red trumpets on on bluish green foliage.


(Maltese Cross, Catchfly, Campion) Zones 3-9

arkwrightii 'Orange Gnome' 8" early summer
Bright orange flowers contrast nicely with the bronze tinted foliage.

chalcedonica 24" early summer
Fiery red cross-shaped individual flower clusters form dense rounded heads. Flowers over 8 weeks and offers a bright accent.


(Variegated Yellow Loosestrife) Zones 4-8

'Alexander' 24" summer
This striking introduction from England has golden flowers and brilliantly variegated gold foliage which lightens by summer. In spring it emerges with a delightful pink tinge on the foliage which gradually disappears as the season progresses. Not as invasive as the species.

'Golden Alexander' 24 inches, summer
Deep golden margins. Similar to Alexander but more compact.


(Hollyhock Mallow) Zones 4-8

alcea 'Fastigiata' 36-48" early summer
Soft green foliage. Profuse, bowl-shaped soft pink flowers about two inches across on branching stems. Long blooming and drought tolerant.

sylvestris 'Zebrina' 36" early summer
Zone 3. This tough perennial is heat and drought tolerant. Looks like a small hollyhock with its 2 inch bowl shaped pale pink flowers striped with raspberry-red veins. The flowers look like pinwheels all summer giving a colorful performance from early summer to frost. Sometimes short-lived, but self-sows freely.


(Bee Balm, Bergamot, Oswego Tea) Zones 4-9
Aromatic mint-like foliage. Flowers borne on whorls. Good border plant that naturalizes readily.

'Blue Stocking' 24-36" midsummer
Whorls of violet-blue flowers.

'Jacob Cline' 48" midsummer
Discovered in Georgia and introduced into the trade by Saul Nurseries. It has very large red flowers. Probably one of the best for mildew resistance reported throughout the U.S.

'Petite Delight' 12-15" midsummer
From the breeding program at the Morden Research Station. A breakthrough in monarda breeding that offers the first dwarf monarda with highly mildew resistant foliage. Lavender-rose colored flowers. Dark green, crinkled foliage.


Catmint, Catnip Zones 3-8
Use in borders or as billowy edging for paths.

'Dawn to Dusk' 24-36" summer
A color breakthrough for Nepetas. Profuse flowering. Long, tubular light pink flowers contrast nicely against the pink calyx. A more upright habit.

'Walkers Low' 10-14 inches, zones 4-7.
Blue purple flowers appear from May to late fall.


(Evening Primrose, Sundrop) Zones 3-8

berlandieri 'Siskiyou' 6-8" summer
Cup-shaped 3 inch pale pink flowers. Spreading habit. More compact than the species.

'Comanche Campfire' 12-15 inches, zone 4.
Large shiny drought resistant leaves are complemented by glowing ruby stems, topped with yellow flowers until fall.

missouriensis 10" summer
(macrocarpa) Showy yellow flowers appear all summer.


(Garden Peony) Zones 3-8
Massive fragrant flowers provide a luxurious and fragrant display.

Pink Shades
2-3 Eye
3-5 Eye

Red Shades
2-3 Eye
3-5 Eye

White Shades
2-3 Eye
3-5 Eye


(Oriental Poppy) Zones 3-7
Colorful flowers with black stamens. Hairy basal leaves. Good for fall planting. For best results, plant 3 inches below soil surface.

orientale nana 'Allegro' 20" late spring
Vivid splashes of black on scarlet flowers. Excellent dwarf form.

orientale 'Garden Glory' 36" late spring
This glorious new poppy from The Netherlands is a double flowering, fringed salmon-pink.

'Pink Ruffles' 24" late spring
This ruffled pink has deeply fringed edges and compact habit.


'Dichotoma' 24-30 inches, zone 3.
Wide range of flower colors from ivory through pink, lavender and blue open late afternoon and last until about 9 a.m.


'Prairie Splendor' 26 inches, zone 4.
Large flowers in white and shades of rose, lavender, and pink for about 4 weeks.

'Red Rocks' 15 inches, zone 5.
Bright rose flowers all summer.

'War Axe' 24-48 inches, zone 4.
Wide color range including pinks, maroon, reds and purples.


(Russian Sage) Zones 4-9
Russian Sage is a delightful subshrub with small, narrow grey green leaves and a loose open habit. Small tubular lavender blue flowers bloom for an incredibly long period of time, from late summer into fall.

atriplicifolia 36-48" late summer
Dissected foliage. Lavender-blue flowers. A great 'filler' for the garden. Softens up harsher colors.

'Little Spire' 25" late summer
An introduction from Future Plants. Selected for its short upright habit that prevents it from flopping in the landscape.

'Longin' 36-48" late summer
Introduced by Kurt Bluemel. Named after Longin Ziegler, a Swiss nurseryman. Foliage is similar to 'Little Spire but has a large, more erect habit.


Obedient Plant, Sun/part shade. Zones 4-8.

'Miss Manners' 18 inches.
Petite with white flowers. Clump forming.


(Balloon Flower) Zones 3-8
Flowers are bell-shaped and bloom in summer. Buds resemble balloons.

grandiflorus 'Fuji Blue' 20" summer
Large 2-2½ inch deep blue flowers.

grandiflorus 'Misato Purple' 8" summer
Dwarf purple.

'Sentimental Blue' 6-8" summer
Dwarf form with blue flowers.


(jacobs Ladder) Zones 3-7
boreale 'Heavenly Habit' 20" early summer
Leaves are glossier than the species. Large blue flowers with yellow halo and white eye are bigger than caeruleum. Very fragrant!

caeruleum 18-24" late spring
Light blue flowers. Excellent in the perennial border.


(Variegated Solomon's Seal) Zone 4-8

odoratum 'Variegatum' 18-24" early spring
Soft green leaves edged in a broad strip of creamy white. Long white flowers with a skirt of yellow green dangle from the axil underneath the leaves in early spring. Prefers moist, woodland settings.


(Cinquefoil, Five Finger) Zones 4-8

'Monarchs Velvet' 16 inches, zone 4.
Raspberry red flowers with velvet red centers, June-August.

nepalensis 'Miss Willmott' 12" early summer
Ideal border specimen. Carmine scarlet flowers.

'Ron McBeath' 12" early summer
Carmine red flowers.

tonguei 3" summer
Creeping evergreen form. Attractive ground cover or rock garden plant. Flowers are apricot with a crimson center.


(Lungwort, Bethlehem Sage) Zones 3-9

Diana Clare 8-10 inches - spring
Silver apple green leaves are long and pointed. Large violet blue flowers with a purple stripe.

longifolia 'Bertram Anderson' 12" spring
Dark blue flowers, narrow spotted foliage.

longifolia 'Roy Davidson' 8-10" spring
Long, narrow, smaller, basal leaves marked with silver spots. Pink flowers turning light blue as they mature.

'Raspberry Splash' 12" spring
A Terra Nova introduction. A cross between P longifolia 'Bertram Andersorf and P rubra 'Barfield Pink. Brilliant silvered leaves and a strong upright growing habit. Raspberry-pink flowers.


(Pasque Flower) Zones 4-8
Lovely, bell-shaped flowers about 2-3 inches wide. Tiny ornamental fern like leaves follow the flowers. The blooms are replaced by seeds in the form of interesting globular masses of silvery down.

vulgaris 8-10" early spring

vulgaris 'Rubra' 8-10" early spring
Shades of magenta to wine red.


Buttercup, Crowsfoot.

'Buttered Popcorn' 8-10 inches, zone 3.
Evergreen ground color. Gold, chartreuse and green variegated serrated leaves.


(Bronzeleaf Rodger's Flower) Zones 4-7

aesculifolia 36-48" summer
Very bold, handsome foliage that resembles the leaf of a horse chestnut tree. They require a moisture retentive soil and partial shade but will tolerate sun if the soil is kept constantly moist. Creates a very dramatic effect for the bog garden or waterside planting particularly when planted with Hostas and Astilbes. Spires of cream to pinkish flowers.


Zones 5-9

'Fuchsia Meidiland' 24 inches
Mauve pink flowers, early blooming.

'Knock Out' 36 inches
Deep cherry red flowers to 3½ inches across on a compact mounded bush.

'Ruby Meidiland' 24 inches
Small double blooms, deep bluish red in clusters.


(Black Eyed Susan, Coneflower) Zones 4-10

fulgida 'Goldsturm' 24" midsummer
Deep yellow daisy-like flowers, black cone. 1999 Perennial Plant Association Plant of the Year.


(Bloody Dock) Zone 6

sanguineus ssp sanguineus 12" summer
Long narrow green leaves with blood red veining. Grown for its beautiful leaves. Small flowers in terminal panicles.


(Meadow Sage, Perennial Salvia) Zones 3-8

nemorosa 'Blue Hill' 16-20" early summer
('Blauhugel') Reliable, compact perennial producing spikes of sky blue flowers. Very long flowering.

nemorosa 'May Night' 18" early summer
Outstanding cultivar. Splendid deep purple flowers. Long flowering.

verticillata 'Purple Rain' 24" early summer
Long arching stems of purplish buds open to a smoky purple. Very long flowering. Attracts hummingbirds.



'Max Frei' Zone 4.
Bright pink flower masses with 1 inch blooms all summer.


(Pincushion Flower) Zones 3-9
A delightful plant for the border and an excellent cut flower. Attracts butterflies.

columbaria 'Butterfly Blue' 12-18" summer
This plant, registered in the United Kingdom, produces a profusion of lavender-blue flowers. Superb flowering.

columbaria 'Pink Mist' 12-18" summer
A true soft pink flowering companion to 'Butterfly Blue'. Superb flowering up to frost.


(Skull Cap, Helmet Flower)

'Mongolian Skies' Zone 4.
Bluish purple hooded flowers with shining narrow green leaves.


(Hen & Chicks, Houseleek) Zones 3-8
Used in perennial borders, miniature gardens, porch boxes, garden vases, edging, and as rockery or rock wall plants. They grow well in a wide variety of soils, even pure sand. They should have good drainage.


Sun/part shade. Zones 4-9.

'Golden Elf' 6 inches.
Very dwarf form with tight compact habit. Small golden yellow foliage.


(Lambs Ears, Woolly Betony) Zones 4-10

byzantina 'Helene von Stein' 8-10"
(AKA 'Big Ears') Named for the Countess von Zeppelin. Leaves are about twice the size of 'Silver Carpet' Takes heat well.


(Stokes' Aster) Zones 5-9
Deep green foliage forming neat mounds. Large decorative flowers. Good for borders, massing and edging.

laevis 'Blue Danube' 12-18" midsummer
Deep blue solitary flower heads measuring 3-4" across.

laevis 'Honeysong Purple' 14" midsummer
Selection by Alex J. Summers. A true royal purple with a hint of red that deepens as the flower ages. Contrasting white stamens and purple tinged stems add to the appeal. The large four inch blooms have petals with pronounced serreated edges.

'Purple Parasols' 12-18" midsummer
Flowers bloom light blue and go through various darkening stages until finally turning a deep violet.


(Pyrethrum, Painted Daisy) Zones 3-7
Lacyfoliage, daisy-like flowers bloom in early summer.

coccineum 'Robinson's Red' 18" early summer
Deep scarlet.

'Robinson's Mixture' 18" early summer
Exceptionally large, colorful mix.


(Germander) Zones 4-9

chamaedrys 12" summer
Dwarf, shrubby plant with glossy green foliage that resembles dwarf Boxwood. Makes an excellent dwarf hedge. Can be sheared to any height up to 12 inches.


(Foamflower) Zones 3-8
Low growing plants with attractive foliage. Makes a terrific underplanting for hostas and shrubs, or along shaded walkways. Thrives in a cool shaded area.

cordifolia 'Winterglow' spring
Large, rugose, dissected dark green foliage with modest runners. Evergreen foliage turns golden with prominent red flecking in the winter. Large white flowers bloom for 6-8 weeks. A Dunvegan introduction.

'Iron Butterfly' spring
This is by far one of the best Tiarellas introduced by Dan Heims of Terra Nova. It has one of the a largest, and most deeply lobed leaves with a dramatic black strip in the middle. Lightly fragrant white bottle brush like flowers.

wherryi spring
Maple-like leaves that turn reddish in winter. More compact. A clump former.


(Virginia Spiderwort) Zones 3-9
Grasslike foliage. Long flowering, prolific bloomer good for the border or naturalized shade areas.

'Bilberry Ice' 15" early summer
Bicolor white flowers with lavender splash. More compact growth habit and long bloom season. If you don't like spiderworts, this one will change your mind.

'Blue and Gold' 24 inches, zone 4.
Golden foliage with purple blue flowers. Blooms June-September.

'Concord Grape' 15-18" early summer
Attractive frosty blue foliage. 1½ inch rich purple flowers. Long blooming.

'Little Doll' 10" early summer
A breeding break-through. Light blue flowers. Long flowering.

'Red Cloud' 15-18" early summer
Rosy-red flowers.

'Zwanenburg Blue' 18-24" early summer
Large violet-purple flowers.

'Sweet Kate' 12 inches - Early summer.
A mixture of brilliant gold foliage and deep blue flowers. Afternoon shade is recommended.


(Japanese Toad Lily) Zones 4-8
Graceful arching ladder like leaves that alternate up the stems. The orchid-like flowers start late in the season just in time to lighten up the shade garden while everything else is falling asleep.

formosana 'Samurai' 16" fall
Zone 6. Variegated foliage with a gold margin. Purple flowers with darker spots. Spreader. Mulch for winter.

hirta 'Tojen' 18-24" late summer
Bold foliage. Large, lavender-purple blooms fade to white in the center.


(Globeflower) Zones 3-7
Good subject for waterside or bog gardens or other sites as long as it remains constantly moist.

chinensis 'Golden Queen' 30" summer
Large golden-orange buttercup flowers.


(Mullein) Zone 5

'Jackie' 18" summer
Pale cantaloupe blossoms with rose-pink overtones. Fuzzy stamens are plum rose. Requires well-drained soil. Attractive in containers.


(Speedwell) Zones 4-8
Excellent plants for summer flowering. Taller ones are good border plants. Shorter ones are good for edging.

'Blue Charm' 24" summer
Uniform mound shaped plants. Abundant lavender-blue flowers.

'Goodness Grows' 15 inches, zone 5.
Spikes of deep blue flowers from June-August.

'Red Fox' 12-15" summer
A long flowering red variety with erect tapering stems.

'Sunny Border Blue' 18-20" summer
Introduced by Robert Bennerup, founder of Sunny Border Nurseries. Sturdy violet-blue spikes all summer until frost.

'Waterperry Blue' 4-6" early summer
Shiny creeping green foliage. Light sky blue flowers.


(Periwinkle, Trailing Myrtle) Zones 4-9
Trailing evergreen that forms a dense ground cover Does well in both sun and shade.

minor 'Illumination' 24-36" spring
This new vinca radiates a stunning effect with its gold center and dark green border, virtually illuminating the landscape. Blue flowers. Very suitable for containers and combination baskets. (Canadian Plant Breeders Rights)


(Sweet Violet) Zones 4-8
Heart shaped leaves, fragrant flowers. Does best in moist locations.

'Etain" 8-10 inches, spring
Extra large 1 3/4 inch pale lemon blooms with contrasting lavender margins. Flowers from May to October.

'Dancing Geisha' 6-8" spring
A Japanese selection with fan cut foliage that is beautifully streaked and marbled in pewter and white. Fragrant blue (and occasionally white) flowers.


(Desert Candle) Zones 4-10

filamentosa 5-6' summer
(Adam's Needle) Bright green sword like foliage. Strong stately spikes bear creamy white bell-shaped flowers. A good specimen plant.


'Orange Carpet' 4 inches, zone 3.
Masses of orange scarlet flowers summer to fall.
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