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Medio-Variegated Types

Bright Lights Bright Lights (Aden/Klehm NR) M This vigorous tokudama type with thick heart-shaped leaves is probably the best variegated tokudama on the market. Puckered gold leaves with a streaky blue margin draw garden visitors like a magnet. This choice hosta has white bell shaped flowers in mid-summer.
Fire and Ice Fire and Ice (Hansen/Shady Oaks Nursery 1999) M This spectacular sport of 'Patriot' has pure white centers and very dark green margins. The leaves are heavy with substance. Lavender flowers are produced on white flower stems. A flashy hosta that contrasts nicely with 'Patriot'.
Great Expectations Great Expectations (Bond/Aden 88) L A specimen that will live up to its name! Beautiful large yellow puckered leaves are edged by wide, irregular margins of blue and light green. Clusters of white flowers mid-summer. Acclaimed as one of the world's most beautiful hosta varieties.'
Guacamole Guacamole (Solberg 94) L One of the most beautiful new hosta introductions, this magnificent plant is a mutation of 'Fragrant Bouquet'. Guacamole has chartreuse leaves (apple-green) margined by a wide dark greened edge. Large fragrant flowers open in August. Compliments 'Fragrant Bouquet' and 'Fried Green Tomatoes.'
2002 American Hosta Growers Hosta of the Year!
June June (Neo Plants 91) M This lovely sport of 'Halcyon' has gold leaves bordered by a blue and green shaded margin. The light center will bleach to creamy-white in bright light. Unlike many light centered hostas, this one has great substance. Stands out in any garden! American Hosta Grower selection for 2001 Hosta of the Year!
Masquerade Masquerade (NR) D 'Masquerade' is a perfect choice for the front of the shaded rock garden or trough gardens. It forms clumps of tiny white centered leaves edged by a green margin. Purple flowers top the clumps in summer. A flashy hosta sure to capture the attention of the dwarf hosta collector.
Night Before Christmas Night Before Christmas (Machem, 94) M From the same famous nursery that introduced the classic Hosta 'Patriot', comes the Hosta 'Night Before Christmas'. This vigorous white centered hosta rapidly forms a medium mound of wedge shaped leaves, edged by a wide dark green border. Lavender flowers grace the clump in summer. 'Night Before Christmas' truly has the ability to capture your attention wherever it's placed in the landscape.
On Stage On Stage (Aden 86) M Spectacular! The bright yellow leaf centers with irregular green margins catch every customers eye. 'On Stage' has the reverse variegation of montana 'Aureomarginata'. The yellow leaf centers turn to cream or chartreuse later in the season depending on light intensity. Lavender flowers in summer. Rare and outstanding hosta.
Paradigm Paradigm formerly known as 'Abiqua Paradigm'(Walden West 1999) L Another exciting Walden West (Abiqua series) introduction. This super sport of 'Abiqua Recluse' has beautiful gold leaves edged with a blue-green margin. The variegation pattern intensifies later in the spring. Lavender flowers bloom in summer. A great hosta that is compatible in any garden.
Paul's Glory Paul's Glory (Ruh/Hofer 87) M A spectacular hosta with gold heart-shaped leaves bordered by a blue-green streaked margin. The center fades to white in summer. Lavender flowers bloom in early summer. One of the most exciting hostas which is sure to become a classic. 1999 American Hosta Growers Hosta of the Year!
Whirlwind Whirlwind (Kupla 89) M This incredible sport of 'Fortunei Hyacinthina' features very streaky yellowish-white flares encircled by very dark green margins. The variegation is most pronounced in the spring. Lavender flowers in mid summer. A very popular selection.

White Margined Types

Brim Cup Brim Cup (Aden 86) S 'Brim Cup' boasts rich green cupped seersucker leaves with wide irregular white margins. It quickly forms a mature specimen plant. Lavender flowers in mid-summer.
Fair Maiden Fair Maiden (Walters Gardens 93) M 'Fair Maiden' is the streaky cream edged form of 'Amber Maiden'. The foliage emerges in the spring with dark green leaf centers and yellowish-white margin, eventually turning white. Lavender flowers mid-summer. Very Striking!
Francee Francee (Klopping)/AHS 86) 'Francee' features forest green heart-shaped leaves that are edged with narrow white margins. Lavender flowers in mid-summer. The white margin holds up quite well in full sun as well as shade. A classic hosta variety excellent for mass planting and general landscape use.
Patriot Patriot (Machem 91) M This sport of 'Francee' has the same dark green centers and beautiful form but it has a much wider margin that is striking and crisp. Lavender flowers early to mid-summer. Our most popular Hosta!
1997 American Hosta Growers Hosta of the Year!
Pizzazz Pizzazz (Aden 86) features beautiful heart-shaped leaves with wavy creamy white margins on a frosted blue base. Dense masses of white flowers top the plant mid to late summer. A classic!
So Sweet So Sweet (Aden 86) M Glossy green leaves with wide white margins are one of the many attributes of 'So Sweet'. Large very fragrant white flowers in late summer, an incredible growth rate and sun tolerance helped make 'So Sweet' the 1996 American Hosta Growers Hosta of the year!
Sunshine Glory Sunshine Glory (K. Vaughn, 82) This older Kevin Vaughn hybrid has never really achieved the recognition it is due. Fabulous large green leaves are wonderfully corrugated and edged with a wide gold margin. Near white flowers top the clump in early summer. Well suited for the middle to back of the hosta border. Choice!
Veronica Lake Veronica Lake (Riehl 93) S A wonderful sport of 'Pearl Lake'. Lovely blue-green heart shaped leaves with a creamy-white margin. Lavender flowers in summer. Vigorous growth rate. A sharp hosta with a bright future.

Cream to Gold Margined Types

Alvatine Taylor Alvatine Taylor (Minks 90) L A large hosta with gorgeous elongated blue heavy textured leaves edged with a gold margin. Leaves have beautiful corrugation, The plant quickly forms a spectacular clump with white flowers in early summer. A mutation from 'Lady in Waiting'.
Grand Tiara Grand Tiara (Pollock 92) S One of the most awesome new hostas! This sport of 'Golden Tiara' has a wider and more pronounced bright gold margin with a narrow dark green center. Lavender flowers in mid-summer. Rapidly grows into a nice mound. A real eye-catcher.
montana 'Aureomarginata' montana 'Aureomarginata' (AHS, 1987) L This large hosta displays arching wedge shaped green leaves sporting irregular margins of yellow which turn to cream as the season progresses. Pale lavender flowers mid-summer. One of the most admired forms, in the shady landscape. It is outstanding used as a specimen or as a background planting.
Olive Bailey Langdon Olive Bailey Langdon (O'Harra, 1999) This spectacular Russ O'Harra hosta was named in honor of a past president of the American Hosta Society. Similar to 'Frances Williams' we recommend it as a replacement because it has more of a glaucus bloom (powder coating) on the leaf and displays its variegation color later in the season protecting it from the burning that 'Frances Williams' is prone. Beautiful round leaves are margined with gold. Typical leaf corrugation and plant growth of sieboldiana 'Elegans'.
Sagae Sagae (AHS 87) L 'Sagae's dramatic color combination and majestic form should cast it in a leading role in any landscape. With its regal vase-shaped growth habit it is the perfect candidate for underplanting ground covers or smaller hostas. 'Sagae's large frosty blue leaves with their creamy yellow margin sets it in a class by itself. Pale lavender flowers in mid-summer. Declared by the American Hosta Growers as Hosta of the year for the year 2000!
Tambourine Tambourine (Lachman 87) M 'Tambourine' is a Lachman hybrid that has beautiful heart shaped with wide creamy margins. Red leaf petioles provide additional interest. This vigorous grower forms an upright clump of foliage with lavender flowers in the summer.
Warwick Curtsey Warwick Curtsey (Jones NR) S This rapidly growing hosta quickly forms a small clump with its neat heart-shaped blue-green leaves and a creamy yellow margin.

Blue Shades

Blue Angel Blue Angel (Aden 86) L This fantastic cultivar is everyone's favorite large blue. Probably the largest blue hosta known, this industry standard produces huge blue leaves with a heavy texture and many near white hyacinthina like flowers in mid-summer. An ideal specimen or background plant.
Blue Mammoth Blue Mammoth (Aden NR) L A powdered blue giant with heavily corrugated leaves and stately near white bell shaped flowers during the summer. Works well as a specimen or as a mass planting in a background setting. This massive hosta will reach 5 feet across at maturity.
Blue Umbrellas Blue Umbrellas (Aden 78) L This early Aden introduction has shiny blue-green leaves that will reach immense proportions. With its rapid growth rate and huge size it will quickly become a giant. Lavender flowers in early summer.
Blue Wedgwood Blue Wedgwood (Smith/BHHS 88) M 'Blue Wedgwood' always remains a perpetual favorite in the selection of blue hostas. Deep blue wedge-shaped leaves provide a wonderful backdrop for the lavender flowers in mid-summer. One of the best blues.
Camelot Camelot' (Smith/BHHS 88) M Perhaps the bluest of Eric Smith's tardiana hybrids! Heart-shaped leaves, with excellent substance are slug resistant. Light lavender flowers in early summer.

Yellow to Gold Shades

Glory Glory (Savory 85) M-L This mound shaped Savory introduction boasts beautiful heart-shaped leaves, with bright yellow coloration, and slight ruffling around the edges. Purple flowers June to July.
King Tut King Tut (Harshbarger 81) S An outstanding bri~ht,gold hosta! 'King Tut' exhibits flat heart-shaped leaves with deeply impressed veins. White bell-shaped flowers occur in mid-summer. This is a lovely hosta seldom seen in the trade. A tokudama'Aureonebulosa hybrid.
Graphic Sum & Substance' (Aden 80) L The immense leaves of the classic 'Sum and Substance'make it the most popular gold hosta ever introduced. An ideal specimen or background plant, some sun is required to draw out the best coloration. Lavender flowers compliment the foliage in midsummer. The legendary clump at Wade and Gatten Nursery (see above photo) measures over 9 feet across, probably making it the largest hosta in the world!
Zounds Zounds (Aden 78) L Bright gold heavily textured heart-shaped leaves makes this an excellent choice to brighten up shady areas of the garden. The metallic gold puckerd leaves of Zounds' seem to glow, especially in the evening. White flowers early in the season.

Green Shades

Fried Green Tomatoes Fried Green Tomatoes (Solberg 94) L This is the frosty green form of Hosta 'Guacamole' (from 'Fragrant Bouquet'). The large green leaves darken in color as season progresses. Magnificent, fragrant, white flowers in August. Excellent growth rate. A great contrast to 'Fragrant Bouquet!'
Permanent Wave Permanent Wave (Banyai 89) M Long, lance shaped leaves have an incredible rippled margin that distinguishes this hosta from all other greens. A fast grower easily combined in the landscape with other varieties or dramatic enough to stand alone as a specimen. Gorgeous white flowers in July.
Plantaginea Plantaginea (China species) L A hosta with flowers so beautiful it could be grown for the floral display alone. Huge flowers (the largest of any hosta) are pure white and intensely fragrant. Glossy light green foliage and rapid growth rate round out the merits of this hosta. Requires adequate light and moisture for optimal flowering. Flowers in late summer.
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