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New for 2002

Anna-Louise Anna-Louise 'Evithree' (P.P. 9,362) Anna-Louise is outstanding in color. It produces 5-6" violet flowers with a contrasting red/purple bar and anthers. Growing approximately 8-10 feet, it blooms in late May-June and August-September. Introduced in 1996.
Vino Vino 'Poulvo' (P.P. 9,290) A stunning colored flower which is suitable as a cut flower. Vino grows up to 9 feet and blooms May-June and August. Petunia red with creamy yellow anthers, the flowers are 6" in size. The plant's strong, compact growing habit and free flowering nature make it a fine Clematis for the smaller garden. Introduced in 1996.
Warsaw Nike Warsaw Nike A rich velvet purple variety which produces 5" wide open flowers in late May through September. Warsaw Nike grows to a height of approximately 8-10 feet. Introduced in 1996.

Purple Varieties

Gypsy Queen Gypsy Queen Velvet rich purple with reddish purple anthers. Very prolific blooming 6" flower. July, August and September blooming.
Jackmanii Jackmanii The most profuse blooming dark purple Clematis. June, July and September blooming.
Jackmanii Superba Jackmanh Superba Rich velvet purple, 5" open flowers. More rounded and slightly larger flower than Jackmanii. Blooms July-September.
Rhapsody Rhapsody Very pretty free flowering clematis with stunning sapphire blue petals which deepen in color with age, Creamy-yellow anthers. Blooms July-September.
The President The President Deep purple with purple anthers. Continuous bloomer and does not fade in the sun. Large 7-8" flowers bloom June-September.

Red Varieties

  Barbara Dibley An elegantly shaped rose red bar in the center of each petal. It is difficult to describe, as it is really in it's own color range. Best grown in partial shade.
Ernest Markham Ernest Markham Magenta-red large flower with gold anthers. Very vigorous grower, blooming July, August and September. We feel the best red.
Sunset Sunset: Dark velvet red 5-7" flowers with purple petal edges. Vigorous growing plant blooming continuously May through September. A real eye catcher!
Voluceau Voluceau 4-5" flowers of petunia-red, twisted petals and contrasting yellow anthers. June and September blooming.

Pink Varieties

Comtesse De Bouchard Comtesse De Bouchard Velvet rose-pink large flowers with yellow anthers. A profuse bloomer. Our best selling pink Clematis.
  John Paul II Light pink 5-6" flowers. Very vigorous grower. Blooms May, June and September.
Pink Champagne Pink Champagne 5" deep rosy-pink, very free flowering, compact plant. Also known as Kakio, from Japan. Blooms May, June, August and September. It is a real eye catcher.

Blue Varieties

  Durandii Rich bell-shaped indigo-blue 5-6" flowers with white anthers. It makes an interesting cut flower. Blooms July, August and September.
H. F. Young H. F. Young True mid-blue with very wide overlapping petals; giving a very large 7-8" flower. Very noticeable cream-colored anthers and very free flowering.
Ken Donson Ken Donson Very deep blue 6-7 flowers with yellow anthers. June and August/September blooming.
Mrs. Cholmondeley Mrs. Cholmondeley Very large true blue prolific blooming Clematis. Blooms May, June and September.
Mrs. Cholmondeley Prince Charles A compact plant with profuse mauve-blue 4" flowers. The flowers are semi nodding with slightly twisted petals. The anthers are yellow. Blooms July thru. early September.
William Kennett William Kennett Large lavender-blue ruffly edged petals...dark purple anthers. June through September blooming.

White Varieties

Guernsey Cream Guernsey Cream Very light yellow with cream anthers. Large 5-7 flowers. This is a beauty! The Dame gives the color description. Blooms in June and August.
Huldine Huldine Medium size (4-5") white flowers with yellow anthers very vigorous grower. Our best repeat white blooming clematis.
Lanuginosa Candida Lanuginosa Candida Large pure white with yellow anthers. Many petals give the appearance of a semi-double flower. We feel this is the best large white variety! Blooms in June, July and September.

Bi-Color Varieties

Asao Asao 4-5" deep rosy-pink flower with white center bar on each petal. Very free flowering in spring with attractive seed heads. An outstanding Clematis from Japan.
Carnaby Carnaby Pink with rich red bar down the middle of each petal. Dark red anthers. Blooms June and September.
Lincoln Star Lincoln Star Raspberry-red with light edge petals. Very large pointed flower with dark red anthers. Blooms May, June and September.
Mrs. N. Thompson Mrs. N. Thompson Deep blue with a bright scarlet bar. Strikingly colorful and will always command attention wherever grown. Blooms May, June and September.

Small Flower Varieties

Paniculata Paniculata Very vigorous grower with clusters of small very fragile white flowers. Blooms August-September. A real winner!

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