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2006 2-Cycle Statistics

Tuel Box racing is a family based team that consists of 3 members with Jake as the driver, Dad as crew chief/pit crew and Mom who does a little bit of everything from helping in the pits to managing the team.

Jake’s first year of racing (2004) was with a kart that was purchased in a garage sale and then sat in a garage for a couple of years.  It had a 2-cycle motor and there was no nose on the front to cover the front wheels.  Jake took to racing like a fish takes to water and we had a lot of fun that first year.  We raced at Delaware Speedway because it was the closest track to us.  That year Delaware Speedway happened to hold a IKF 2-cycle national that we participated in.  We didn't know much, and we only had one set of tires.  Despite this Jake finished top ten in both the heavy and light classes despite the lack of knowledge and equipment.  Jake also placed 5th in track points at the end of the year.

Wins         7
Top 5's     6

Points Champion

2006 Animal Statistics

Wins          0
Top 5's      9

The second year of racing (2005) we again raced at Delaware Speedway, this time with a 4-cycle motor.  We also went to a number of other tracks that summer including Cottonwood Speedway, Newton Speedway, Riverside Speedway and FTA Speedway.  We learned a lot that year by racing at different tracks.  Een though we did not race every weekend at Delaware that year Jake still ended up 7th in track points at the end of the year in the Junior II 4-cycle class.

In our third year (2006) we raced at Newton Speedway for the year in with both a 2-cycle motor and a Animal (OHV) motor.  We also raced several times at Cottonwood Speedway.  Jake did not race the whole year with the animal motor, but was competitive when he did race it.  We had a successful season with Jake winning the Junior II 2-cycle track championship and placing 3rd in the Junior II animal class.  This was our first year running two karts.  Jake’s favorite motors would have to be the 2-cycle, but we found that we really liked the animal for its reliability, power, and cost effectiveness vs. the 4-cycle.

In the (2006) season, the team collected 7 winning trophies and 15 top 5 finishes along with a track points championship. We also attended a local fun day and put a kart on display for our sponsor.

Driver Bio

Driver:  Jake Tuel
Age:     15
Years Racing:  3

Classes: Junior 2-Cycle Junior Animal
Motor Builder: Larry Killiam Waller "Big Dog Digger" Racing
Chassis: Avenger Phenom



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