Beth Hunter
You won't want to miss a show that includes this gifted entertainer. Beth's vocals and stage presence plus her ability to connect with the audience always leaves you wanting more. We're always on when Beth is in the house!
Lonzo -
Lonny is an excellent comedian, great sax and rhythm man and an all round good guy. When Lon shows up you know we're gonna let the good times roll.
Night Sky Opry
Tom has been playing with the Night Sky Opry for over ten years! They usually perform the first Saturday of the month at the Simon Estese Building in Centerville Iowa. It has been a great way to meet up with a large variety of excellent regional entertainers and perform with the Night Sky Band.
Country Covers !
Don't forget, Tom has his own C.D. available that features favorites he has performed with The Harvest Band and The Night Sky Opry!
You can contact The Harvest Band at
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