Gilt-edged, glamorous, and sleek by design.

Presenting the 1957 DeSoto in all its glory, then and now.
     Here you'll find a website broadside with some great photos, advertising, and specs for the entire '57 lineup. And some other stuff just for kicks. A work in progress. (Yeah, what isn't?) Cover your eyes… it's white!

The DeSoto Broadside is a personal experiment in website design. Like the car, this web page is huge.
     Just how big can you get a page before getting complaints about download times?
     With the advent of broadband, the issue may soon become moot. But I'll tell you what… from a development standpoint, dealing with one page is a hellova lot easier (and faster) than dealing with 10, regardless of whether you're using a wysiwyg editor or writing the html by hand. And it just might be more interesting for the visitor, if some basic graphic design principles are used.
     Printed, this page would measure about 20x24 inches.

Other Related Websites:

The Forward Look Network
Not just DeSoto, but all other MoPars from the era. At the site, scroll down to find "The MoPar Matrix."

My 1957 DeSoto Firedome S25 Sedan by Ed Petrus. A great personal website giving hard to find information on the '57 DeSoto, (e.g. colors, firewall tag codes).

Two Sites Are Better Than One.
Yeah, I have two. You're staring at the latest while I try to figure out what to do with the other. (Actually, I can't stand to throw anything out.)

About The Old Site: Reflects beginning work in handwritten html from 1996 and includes photos of my machine. Front page updated in 2000 with a large animated intro image, broken into a table to make the animation possible without excessive download times. White background.

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