My Regal

This is the car that I love and am going to keep till it dies.
Here it is, the Regal

UPDATE: Well, we found a front clip, got it running, then the carb started on fire, got that fixed, hit another deer that just messed up the front a little, but then the engine completely went. So now looking for a new engine. And other then this car, i have bought a red 87 Cavalier Z24 Hatchback, which the transmission went on it, and sold it. And i now have a 89 Chevy Blazer. Pictures to come.

Now, here it is after the DAMN DEER!!!!!

And I killed that deer and i killed it BAD!!!!! And I am happy about it.

And here it is after we fixed it.

And just for you all to know, this will be my first new car that i buy!

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