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Christmas is the greatest time of the year. Families all gather as one, the neighborhood is all lit up, and you receive gifts on Christmas morning. But Christmas is not always great for every one. Some people are very poor and they can not afford a good Christmas. But with our help they can have a good Christmas. There are many things we can do to make somebody’s Christmas brighter. At all the department stores there is usually someone standing by a red bucket ringing a bell. All of the money they collect is given to the salvation army to give someone a good Christmas. Just a little change every time you walk by will be helping out. There are a lot of children that don’t receive gifts on Christmas morning, but we can change that too. At our church and at my school they have caring trees. The ornaments on a caring are little boys and girls that are hoping for a present on Christmas. All you do is take one of those and spend ten to fifteen dollars on a gift. When you do that you get a great feeling knowing that you made a person’s Christmas better. Don’t forget that wonderful Christmas saying, "It’s better to give than to receive!"


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