Troop 264 - Clinton, Iowa - Illowa Council
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Thank You


Whenever someone achieves something great their is always a lot of people that helped him or her to get their. And sometimes that person takes it for granted. he or she sometimes forgets to thank the little people that made it all happen. When I got my Eagle I gave a thank you speech and I thanked a lot of people in general, but I didn't thank the actual people. Sometimes you get caught up in all the excitement and you forget to thank the people that really deserve it. Sometimes just a simple thank you really means a lot to them. It means a lot more to them than you'd think it would. We all know that we appreciate all their help, but you need to let them know. So remember the next time you achieve something, don't forget to thank everyone who helped make it all possible. The people that did a lot and the little people.

I would just like to thank everyone again who attended my Eagle ceremony. Your presence was appreciated.