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Well scouts, summer is almost over and pretty soon it will be time for you know what- SCHOOL!!

Some of you will be glad that school is just around the corner, probably the parents more than you scouts. But I bet there are some of you who are looking forward to seeing your old friends and school buddies. Exchanging wild stories of your summer adventures.

It is also a time to get ready to set your GOALS for the school year. GOALS to DO YOUR BEST - Have you heard that one before? Whether it school subjects, sports band, chorus or whatever.

Everybody sets goals in life at one time or another. As parent we too have set goals to complete you education get a job buy a home and work for a sound future.

So scouts as the school year draws near think about some GOALS you might want to achieve for the up coming year and stick to them.

Oh by the way study hard and keep those grades up. Have fun in school and remember to set your Goals and go get them.


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