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GIVE A HOOT DON’T POLLUTE. I’m sure that everybody remembers hearing that slogan, somewhere in life.

Tis the season for outdoor fun. Whether it be a picnic, boating,fishing trip,biking the county roads, or an ole fashion walk in the park.

People will be taking along lunches, snacks and their favorite drinks.But far to often the end result is LITTER, that nasty six letter word.

The sight of litter can ruin a scenic trip in nature.

So this summer as you and mother nature get together for a fun filled outing and you see some litter don’t be afraid to stop and bend over to pick it up. do your part to help keep nature looking good.

Just think what our waterways and parks would look like if everybody-POLLUTED AND DIDN’T GIVE A HOOT!!!!!!!!!!


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