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Peer Pressure


Have you ever been pressured to do something wrong by your friends? I hate to admit it but I have. They can pressure you to do many different things. You hope, as well as I do, that this will never happen. But I can almost guarantee that it will someday in your young adult life. Your friends may dare you to steal something. They may dare you to do something mean to a kid who isn’t popular. Or they may even dare you to drink alcohol or do drugs.

For stealing or doing something mean to an unpopular kid, my advice would be fairly simple. Put yourself in the other persons shoe. Say you went and stole some money from your friends parents. How would you feel if someone stole money from you? You’d probably be very upset. Or how would you feel if some kids came up to you and started making fun of you or if they did something mean to you? You’d probably be hurt and upset. And that is how they would feel!

For trying drugs or alcohol, my advice is fairly simple again. Don’t do anything until you know what you’re getting into. Think of the long term effects it will have on your life. You will hurt your body and you will probably hurt your family. So I really don’t see how making your friends happy could be worth all of those long-term effects.

So just remember the next time you friends pressure you into trying anything its ok to say no, or just make up an excuse not to. Because it will probably help you out in the long run. And if your friends make fun of you for being scared or chicken, then they’re not really your friends. So then I would start looking for new and better friends. Just remember to use smart judgment.


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