Troop 264 - Clinton, Iowa - Illowa Council
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Photo's from outings

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sleeping.jpg (33793 bytes)

The new boys are on their first camp out with the troop as we all try to settle down for the night.

jessnick.jpg (31023 bytes)

Jesse and Nick find a different way to teach knots but I think the new boys will understand.

woodcut.jpg (63866 bytes)

Jeff smiles as David works on his totin' chit.

standing.jpg (42371 bytes)

The rain can't keep our sprits down during the Lincoln Pilgrimage.

walking.jpg (47535 bytes)

Walking in the parade for the Lincoln Pilgrimage. We all know its almost over.

digging.jpg (47944 bytes)

Service work can get very trying but we just keep going and going and going.

swim.jpg (49842 bytes)

Are we done yet? Dale and Ryan ask each lap during the mile swim.

dining.jpg (32547 bytes)

Camp food just makes me sick, how about you.

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