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News & Updates

January 14, 2000 - Updating of page info.  The Web site has be up for a year now.

Sept 08, 1999 - Updates of pages

June 07, 1999 - Some minor updates after way to long. (Sorry)

Feburary 25, 1999 - Updates to the calendar, Scoutmaster & Guides areas.

January 7, 1999 -  Only changes were a few adjustments and typo corrections.   Also added info to identify that pages better when they are bookmarked.  THANK YOU everyone that took a look and has made suggestions.

January 3, 1999 - This is our first stab at putting out a web page.  We hope you enjoy our efforts.  This page came about as a combination of part of my Wood Badge ticket and from some of the our scouts working on their communications merit badge.  In fact the scouts that were working on this got most of this done a while back and when I had some computer problems, we ended up losing the work and pages they had put into it.  So some of these pages were reconstructed from their original work.  Thanks for your efforts, Jesse, Nate and Nick.

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