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Well its time for another talk from The OLE scoutmaster. This time I'm going to do it a little different. I'm sure that everyone remembered Mothers Day this year. You probably let mom sleep in and then served her that wonderful breakfast in bed and waited on her hand and foot all day.

I was reading the May edition of boys life and read this rather interesting article entitled How To Identify A Mother. So here goes.

If you see a female person rooting around in your room picking up your stuff from the floor and moving it to places like a cupboard and drawers, then that person is probably a mother.

Mother are the ones who are always putting green, yellow and red things in your food. Why? It is yucky. But they do it anyway.

If you are not certain who your mother is then simply ask your father any question. He will say "Ask your mother," to which you should reply, 'Where is she?" The person he points to is your mother.

Mother are the only persons who will clean up our mess, up-chucks and ear wax. They are the only ones who let us wake them up in the middle of the yelling in a demanding voice, "I'm sick!!"

Who's your mother? She's probably the most wonderful person you know

A late tribute to Mother. Hope all of you mommy's had a great day.