Troop 264 - Clinton, Iowa - Illowa Council
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Keeping Fit!


Part of the Scout Oath is to keep yourself physically fit. Being in scouts will help you to be physically fit. Whether it be by cutting firewood, pulling a sled, going on hikes, or simply running around. Being physically fit will help you to have a longer, healthier, and happier life. There are other ways you can stay physically fit. You can run, lift weights, get a membership at a gym, or get involved in sports. You can run outside when the weather is nice, or you can get a membership to a place like the "y" and run on their track. Lifting weights won’t help your cardio muscles as much as running, but it builds your body and that is what the ladies like to see. And it makes you feel good about yourself. Getting involved in sports will help you build up your cardio muscles as well as the rest of your muscles. Gyms like the "y" are great places to do all of these things. If you remain active in scouting and remain active in the outdoors you will remain physically fit for a long time.