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A Scout is Clean


The Eleventh Scout Law: A SCOUT IS CLEAN. Probably the first thing that comes to mind is taking a bath, washing your hair, making sure that you brush your teeth. Or maybe making sure that you put on clean clothes everyday. After you have been outside playing or doing some work around the house or maybe helping dad with some yard work. Making sure that you clean up after a boy scout outing and those smelly clothes in the laundry.

How about keeping your rooms clean and pickup, your closet neat and orderly. Even helping dear ole mom around the house, how about dishes?!?

It also means keeping yourself clean mentally spiritually and morally. Have clean thoughts about other people and think highly of your neighbors. Keeping a strong belief in God and Country and your fellow scouts.

Well see you next time and remember that a Scout is Clean.


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This page last updated February 25, 1999