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I know that everyone has heard a lot about the Columbine shooting. Some people think that the music they listened to influenced them. Music is one of the biggest things in a teens life. But, some bands do have songs that are pretty negative and they can be influential. I don't really blame the musicians though, they are not telling you what to do, you still have control of yourself, things like the shooting are caused by many more things. Sometimes it can be friends, sometimes it can be family. The real people to blame though is society, it's our own fault that these things happen. I'm not telling you what kind of music to listen to, I'm just saying be careful how you interpret it. I listen to Korn and Offspring and a little Marilyn Manson, but I don't do crazy stuff. I just like the music, I'm not obsessed. If all else fails just listen to the great Jimmy Buffett, he has the best kind of music around!