Troop 264 - Clinton, Iowa - Illowa Council
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Respect your elders. How many of you have heard that statement before? Not just you scouts, but how about your parents?

In today's society, showing respect for certain things have taken a backseat to other things.

One of my pet peeves is the lack of respect for our flag Ole Glory. When the flag goes by in parades most people, if they are sitting, don't stand up or even remove their hats. Some people think that it is alright to burn the flag or even stomp on it.

Ole Glory has been though some pretty rough times, from her birth of our nation to today's conflicts. But she still waves proudly in most Americans heart.

So the next time you see the flag go by in a parade or see it flying in the neighbors yard, pause a moment and give her the respect that she rightfully deserves.