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Well it’s finally here, CHRISTMAS time!!!!!! The time of the year that children look forward to, to see if behaving really pays off. Right!?!?

Everybody is hoping for that special gift under the tree. Dads seem to be busy behind close doors. Mom’s are busy baking Christmas goodies, not to mention, all those shopping trips to Northpark.

Pretty soon families will be gathering for get together and prates, like the one we had at the Gragers { THANKS FOLKS}.

But let’s not forget what Christmas is all about, that on this day a child was born, and his name was Jesus. Baby Jesus was born in a stable with his bed that of a manger. He was born for the good of all man kind. To bring PEACE ON EARTH GOODWILL TO MEN.

So on Christmas Day enjoy yourself, have fun and continue to behave yourselves, now that you have all those presents. Also keep in mind that a Scout is always REVERENT the Twelfth Scout Law.

So in closing I would like to wish all of you, from my family to yours, A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. See everybody next year.


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