Troop 264 - Clinton, Iowa - Illowa Council
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No matter what you try to accomplish in life there are always to things that you will need to be successful, confidence and a positive attitude. You need it for everything. I learned that I need it in baseball. When the season first started I wasn't hitting very good. I started losing confidence in myself and instead of going up to the plate thinking "base hit", I was going up thinking "don't strike out" and my hitting just kept getting worse. Everyone told me that all I needed was confidence in myself and a positive attitude. What I got that my hitting started coming back and now I hit the ball almost every time, I don't get on base every time though. And if I don't get on base I just tell myself I will next time. The same goes for schoolwork. Everyone hates school, but if you enter that building with a negative attitude then chances are you aren't going to succeed. It takes confidence and a positive attitude for everything sports, your job, school, and much more. And don't ever let anyone take away your confidence. Just believe in yourself and let them worry about themselves. And if you don't have confidence and a positive it makes things a whole lot harder. Just think about that little engine that kept saying, " I think I can I think I can..." and he made. So you can to with confidence and a positive.